What does this cleaning tool do?

HI Everyone,
My hearing aid specialist just gave me a cleaning aid kit with three tools and did not go over it with me. I figured out the pokey one and the brush, but the third tool has a small wire loop on the end and a package of plastic sleeves that seem to fit over the wire part. I have INE Oticon Tego PROs. I know it’s a dumb question- but I don’t want to damage anything by using it incorrectly.
Thanks for any help!

I THINK IT IS for the vent to clean

i usually use the long plastic wire (i call it a cat whisker) to clean the vents, the brush to clean off wax and the plate (gently), and the loop to CAREFULLY clean the receiver hole.

I guess you slip the plastic sleeve over the wire, insert it and then dispose of the sleeve(or clean it) if wax is present.
I’m so thankful for this forum so I can attend Hearing Aid Class101 lol I now know more about what to ask my HA specialist when I go back today. He essentially put them in and sent me out without any real information or instruction. Hope he is willing to answer and spend time with me.
Thanks again,