What does the "Read" part of a user's recent activity mean?

For example, when I, and, I assume, you click on my avatar to the left it contains, as of a few minutes ago:

Posted 15 hours agoJoined Apr 8, '15Read 1d (1d recently)

(Lack of punctuation or spacing in the original. Actually, the block quote is what it looks like to me in the pop-up. When I copy from the pop-up and paste it here I get different formatting.)

What does “Read 1d (1d recently)” mean?

The time you spent reading the forum is equivalent to 1 day, Total 1 day reading posts, and recently total 1 day reading posts.

Mine is like this:

588 days visited
15d read time
1d recent read time

Ah! Thanks. Anyone know what “recently” means quantitatively?

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