What does "Click" mean w/r domes, etc

I know what a dome and an open dome are from personal user experience. I see references to “Click Dome” and “Click Dome Open” and other Click things that are inserted into the ear canal. What does “Ciick” mean in this context?

I think it refers to Signia/Siemens/Rexton products that actually “click” on. They attach very securely and are somewhat challenging to remove without a tool. I think other domes rely on pressure/friction to hold in place rather than snapping or clicking on.

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Yes, MDB , exactly. There are also click-sleeves that I am trying now and they may make a big difference for some people. In the Signia article, and you have to take all self-serving manufacturer “research” cautiously, they claim the vented click-sleeve has about the same audibility as the double-domes.

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Ah. Now I see that some Siemens-branded domes’ packaging has an integral notched plastic piece for removing domes.

Yeah the click is like a clothing snap. When you hear or feel it click, you know the dome is on the receiver. The tool is nothing fancy, it is simply a small notch cut into the plastic shell of the package that the domes come in.