What does a tympanometry with no result mean?

I remember having 3 separate tests in different clinics where the clinic could not get any tympanometry result on my right ear, but my left ear had results. My right ear is my better ear.

What does this mean? Is there any problem?

No problem necessarily. That ear may just be difficult to seal. Could be the ear shape. Sometimes it’s hard to get a seal if there’s a combination of eardrum perforation (or PE tube) and an open eustacahian tube, but a perforation is generally visible on otoscopy.

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Last year when my audiologist was checking the ear volume in my ear, it took them a couple of time in order for the tympanometry machine to do its action. They have said i had drainage. After a couple attempts the tympanometry results were type A which is considered as normal. My ear canal is smaller than usual. They had to put extra pressure in order for it to work. From this experience, I have a feeling for those patients who have small ears, the professionals needs to do some techniques in order for it to become accurate.To answer the question it should be type B which should be a flat line. The diagnosis will be otitis media, middle ear compliance, Conductive hearing loss.

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