What do you love or hate about this forum?


Oh. I thought it was some control the site had. I haven’t noticed it on sites that I frequent. Just here.


I think the recent update removed it, because I didn’t remove it manually. I think that’s a good change!


@grantb5 I have an option for you now.

Here’s the “Latest” posts view:

  1. Just click on the gear icon

  2. Select the Compact Theme and Latest for default homepage

If you don’t see Compact Theme in the dropdown, refresh the page!


Whwn I click on latest, the latest subjects come up. But when I click on one of those the earliest answers come up and I must scroll down to get the latest reply. In the original forum, I beieve it always came up with the latest reply first. That’s more convenieni for me, at least. In those days, for example, it made it much easier to follow the quarreling between, let’s say, Jake and others, Please consider changing it.


The compact theme didn’t make much if any difference on my mobile browser. Not that it was said to. I’ll check my main computer later.


The right/date segment overlaps the text on the right side. If the date is even with the text, the text is unreadable. Switch back to the old style.

Using Firefox with large monitor and plenty of space at the right edge. But font set to 110%.


From Tip#1 in Hearing Tracker Tips in this category;
When you read a topic you will start from the top initially. But after you read all the replies you will start from the beginning of new replies when you return to read this topic again. You will also start from the top if you are not logged on.


It’s not worse haha. Thanks for doing that. I still have a column about 2" to the left of the icons and about 6" to the right of the Reply “button”. This is still looks like a 2-column book where one column is unused. The vertical would improve a lot by utilizing some of that. This is on a typical PC web browser. Your screen cap looks a bit better than that though, albeit we are comparing different resolutions no doubt.

So I have 2" left margin, 8" content (reduced slightly by the icon width), then 6" right margin. So, half the space. Time spent on Facebook has really ruined our ability to read I think. I write Owner’s Manuals as part of my job, so I leave generous white-space for good reason, but the web has gone bananas.


I agree that white space has gone bananas. As an example, I’ve long used Weather Underground for weather. It has gone through 3 major iterations over the years. I used to see all pertinent info after loading. I now have to page down 3 time to see the info.

It seems like graphic design has become more important than content. But Mies Van der Rohe said less is more and God is in the details. White space without purpose is clutter.


All good feedback. I will see what I can do to improve the compact view over time. It was just a quick and dirty first effort. The overlapping scroll bar is something I noticed if the browser width is too small, so I will see about fixing that as well. Thanks!


OK, it’s fairly experimental, but try out the compact view now…


YES! I also found this a bit tedious to have to scroll ALLLLLLLL the way down to the very newest posts.

I guess the format is still a work in progress, but I am SO VERY GRATEFUL for the forum and knowledgeable peeps here! I’ve learned a TON since signing on a few months back.

And come to think of it, the subjects in the LEFT column and recent posts n the RIGHT are pretty easy to navigate. I use that as well as the “Latest” topics option. I haven’t used cntrol-F … yet! I thought the magnifying glass in upper right corner was for those kind of searches?


No, not a work in progress about where you are positioned in a thread. It remembers where you left off. Re-read this.


And I think it depends on cookies and whether you’re logged in.

Indeed the magnifying glass is basically the same as the /. I’m just pleased to have the proper page search back.


If you want to get to the bottom fast, use the built in scroll bar, not the browser scroll bar. It’s amazingly useful and gives you a preview of the date as you scroll:


Some power user tips for getting to the bottom of the page:

  1. Press the J key while inside a thread to move down a post (hold down J to keep going)
  2. Press shift + “#” to jump to a post and then type in the latest post number


Here’s the rest of the power user keyboard shortcuts:


^^^ Oh my gosh! That is cool! I just tried these shortcuts out m’self, and voila! Works like a charm. Thanks for sharing.


SUPER! That link lead me to the link for HearingTracker Tips, which I can now refer back to for other useful tips 'n tricks! This site is a gold mine, alright! :slight_smile: