What do you love or hate about this forum?

We’ve been using the new forum software for some time, and I felt it might be time to open a new thread to get constructive feedback on what you love and what you hate. As many of you know, this forum is running on the Discourse platform, and isn’t completely flexible, but if there are changes that are desired (that we can technically implement) we’ll work on it! Thank you!

Haha, good catch. Thanks.

I think it would be good to cleanup the years old suggested threads at the bottom of the screen.

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Yes cleaning up the suggested threads will be good. A lot of them are ever so old.

I just made a change, is that fixed?

I presently see a thread started in May 2009 as a suggested topic.

I’d like to get my name back. d’Wooluf!

There is almost no content on any given page. On the old board you could see much more relevant information. I’m a fan of whitespace, but this is way overboard.

It’s been mentioned before, but there’s no easy way to hide topics that are of no interest. You could look at it another way and say that there’s no way of highlighting the topics that are of interest. The forum I’ve been using the longest- Australia’s Whirlpool- has a watched topic feature that works well. You click on a check box which marks a topic as Watched. In the context of this forum you would have New, Latest, Unread, and Watched. Other than that, I think this forum works quite well.

… and having written that, I now see the word ‘bookmark’ at the bottom of the page. Face/palm.

Edit 2: Why not have ‘bookmarked’ as one of the options in the menu?

Just curious, what is your screen resolution?

Your wish is my command

1600 x 900. The point is, in this current conversation I can see about 4 sentences on my screen. Scroll, scroll, scroll … more scrolling than reading. My $0.02.

I think the nature of a particular thread will dictate the magnitude of the “too much whitespace” effect. This thread includes a few single sentence responses, and looks pretty sparse as a result. Other threads are more verbose, and don’t look too bad. I have asked the devs over at Discourse whether there is a “compact” option like Gmail. If not, we could always look at adding a custom theme, but this may take some time for us. Also, as Discourse updates, so too does the styling css, so this can cause custom styling to break. For example, our audiogram displays recently started looking funny on mobile phones, and this was following a Discourse update. So any custom themes we developed to solve the whitespace issue would likely be a laborious work in progress. I am interested in knowing how many people feel strongly that the whitespace is an issue.

It’s not an issue to me. There is a lot of it though.
If I start wide and close in the browser until just before the right scroll tool disappears then this seems to show the obvious white spaces.

How are posting our WRS coming?

It’s a work in progress, but coming real soon

I actually like the white space, but then you should see my home: NO CLUTTER - ALL SPACE! :slight_smile:

Maybe just a bug of mine, but I found the topics by SUBJECT easier to find in the old days. Even so, it didn’t take long to adjust to the new format that give us a choice to see the latest posts, those unread, or even responses to a topic I may have posted.

Overall, I’m totally happy with this new look and navigation. It’s fairly intuitive, too. The text box in which I type a reply is kind of small compared to the rest of the screen - I guess that’s one feature I don’t quite “get”. Why do we have a separate dialogue window that takes up the lower 1/3 of the screen at all? Previously, we’d see our keystrokes right in the thread where they’ll ultimately end up anyway.

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Personally, I like the space as well, but I understand that each person has their own design and reading preferences. I am working on developing an optional compact theme for those that want it!

For subjects, I recommend looking at either the tags area or using our search function. It is surprisingly robust. Did you know hitting the / key will bring up search anywhere in the forum? Here’s an example of a search for “phonak”, which also conveniently shows the Phonak tag at the bottom:

I believe there are a couple good reasons for this:

  1. You can navigate away from the current page while creating / editing a post and not lose your work.
  2. You can see your formatted post in real time to the right, which is handy for power users like me who use lots of formatting options. You can of course hide this by using the “hide preview” link.

Thanks for the feedback @1Bluejay

Oh there we go. That’s better. I didn’t like that you had taken over ctrl-F from the browser to search for words on the page and had made it search the site. Using a different keystroke is better. Now I can normally search the page with ctrl-F like everywhere else.

I have noticed the hijacking of ctrl+f on the web a lot recently, and my suggestion (if this happens to you again) is just to hit ctrl+f again (keep holding control or command if on a mac and then hit the f key again) and it will typically go to the browser’s built in search.