What do they mean by 'assistive listening device?"

Received my summons for jury duty (it is in June, not a rush).

When I used the online site to confirm, at one point it asks if you request an assistive listening device? There is no further info as to what they mean, what they have on offer at that particular court house.

I do have hearing aids, and I can hear most of what is said, most of the time. Large open halls – such as a courtroom I suppose - are a challenge for me.

I did not tick off that box. I can go back in any time to change my answers, now that I have confirmed my attendance.

What do you think they mean?

The assistive listening device that the courts here use is about as good as a child’s headphone set for going to a museum. It made what I was hearing worse.
My jury duty last year is what got me pushing my Audi to get my hearing aids tuned correctly and to my full prescription.

So based on your experience, there is no point in me changing my response and requesting it.

I had no luck with them at all, They are plain old headphones so unless you have a flat hearing loss they will not help you very much. Some really modern court rooms have closed caption, and some older court room will only have sign laugauge. It will depend on the court room you are in. I would try contacting the court jury manager and have a talk with someone about what they really have.

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And it’s not just the trial testimony that you/they need to be concerned about. You also need to be able to hear well people sitting around a table talking, like in the jury room for deliberations. When I went through jury selection a few years ago I could hear the (amplified) testimony fine, but because I may have had trouble hearing in deliberations, I got the boot.

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A couple years ago I got a jury summons.

When everyone was assembled the judge started asking questions. I didn’t have a clue what he was saying. I finally raised my hand and saw his lips moving while looking at me. After 20-30 seconds of this he waved me forward. Needless to say I didn’t understand him up front either. He dismissed me from jury duty.

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I don’t expect to have THAT much difficulty! But I guess come June, I’ll find out.

They probably mean headphones. Be cause my hearing is so bad a letter from my audiologist got me an exemption.


If you back to the form, there is usually a phone number or email to contact them for accommodations. I used that to request an interpreter. Even with an interpreter I worry about missing something crucial when someone’s life/freedom is dependent upon it. I can request permanent removal from the list but I am not sure if I want that either.

Thanks. I’ll just wait, see how it goes. Prefer not to tell them I wear hearing aids.