What do I need to program Phonak Audeo V90?

Hi folks,

Newbie here. I just got a pair of Phonak Audeo V90’s yesterday - my first pair of hearing aids and I love them. Also have a ComPilot II.

I downloaded and installed Phonak Target 4.0 yesterday to my Windows 7 64-bit laptop (Bluetooth enabled).

What else do I need to program them myself? From reading this forum yesterday, it seems I need an iCube - is that right?

Is there a cheaper way to go? Maybe just a cable or two? Or maybe some other software?



[edit] Ahh. So I just read pvc’s thread here: http://www.hearingaidforums.com/showthread.php?17886-Programming-the-Phonak-Audeo-Q Mentions the Hi-Pro, but seems that is for older models?

Read the very end of it. And click the links in my signature line for more information. Like “don’t get the iCube”.

Hi, may I ask where did you download Target 4.0? All I found is version 3.3. Thanks for tips.

Run Target 3.3 and then use Phonak Target updates to update from Target 3.3 to Target 4.0

There is no anti-piracy check? Registration? Or something like hearing aids serial number copy to Phonak Warranty block database?

Heavy sigh…

I just wanted to be sure. Many of professional SW applications has user activity monitor. For example ANSYS (CAD,CFD SW).

Well then don’t do it. Why the hell did you ask?

Why do you encourage people to self-program with all of your links and posts if you’re not willing to provide handholding support when they have questions or problems?

Your question is not sincere rasmus. You think I should debate mysterious “hearing aids serial number copy” spyware with this guy? You think I should give him support for how to avoid “Phonak Warranty block databases”?

I know you are not that stupid. On a conciliatory note I will be glad to discuss these topics with you. How’s that?

AND, where do you see me “encouraging people to self-program” in this thread. The OP asked a question. I answered.

Excellent. Thank you pvc.

Looks like I need a Hi-Pro or iCube. Dang - was hoping Target would connect to the hearing aids via Bluetooth.

Looked around on ebay and others, and it looks like a $300 - $400 investment either way :frowning:

I’ll keep looking. Maybe find a good deal.

Thanks again!

I thought it is simple and clear question if there is any kind of protection from the Phonak to avoid from users who would like to self-program their hearing aids… I know any kind of self-programming is at our own risk and I am not asking for any kind of guarantee. But everything I mentioned above is technically possible and from my sight it would be logical to prevent users from self-programming because manufacturer itself or any support company takes money from us with this support.

Let me see if I can answer your questions. I don’t actually run any fitting software on my computer. My buddy has it loaded on his computer and I just watch him. Sometimes when he runs this stuff on a Windows-XP computer everything gets all slow and all things come to a standstill. Popup windows tell him that the fitting software has detected several viruses and that he should download and run the fitting software virus clean tool for $89.99. I left before he fixed it so I don’t know what his final solution was?? You think maybe it was the fitting software?

And now that you mention it, I do recall hearing on the six o’clock news that warranties were no longer being honored by one of the major hearing aid manufacturers, and that someone had hacked into their database for serial numbers of suspected self programmers. The hackers added serial number of legitimate owners! It caused a big uproar when the legitimate owners demanded refunds and switched their business to a competitor’s products. Oh, wait, I think that was just a dream ;-}

think, heard, maybe, xp?, so what do you for a fact?

All right, I got it. No problem with the software… What about the hardware? Are every HI-PROs on the ebay original (or at least working)?

They’re baaaaacccck!

The Hi-Pros you get on EBay work. Don’t fall for this crapola. I recommend the USB Hi-Pro and not the old serial port Hi-Pro. Click on the >>Self-Programming-Help<< link in my signature line to find out why.

Thanks for your tips.

When making >> DIY Convertors << start with 6-wire keyboard extension cables, not 4-wire cables. You only need 4 pins, but you need the correct 4 pins, thus start with 6 pin cables.

In (Target/Target Setup/Fitting Device) disable all other fitting devices except Hi-Pro/Hi-Pro 2.

Sometimes your Com ports get switched around in C:\Windows\HiPro.ini and you need to run the >> HI-Pro2 Install CD <<.