What changes are in store for Apple iOS 14?

I wonder what changes are in store for IOS14 coming out. Will the MiFi audio situation improve back to the way it was on IOS 12 or better? IOS 13 was a disaster as functionality was lost.

what functionality are you talking about? To me IOS13 has been the best so far.

Connectivity between different IOS devices, connectivity in general although this settled down some, and alert tones although I didn’t use those. A quick search on this site will find lots of issues that arose. Hoping IOS 14 will feel like a step ahead instead of back.

I really haven’t had any connection issues between devices or even to my Oticon hearing aids. And as for as the notifications, it has been so great not having them going to my aids. I have the iPhone 7 Plus, IPad Air 2, Apple Watch, and MacBook. I do a lot of interaction between all of them with very little issues. Sure there is the issues with multiple devices fighting for the aids. That maybe the aids issue more than apple’s.

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I did see this over on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/deaf/comments/heby8h/the_new_ios_has_been_released_to_developers_and/

" The new iOS has been released to developers and will be available to the public in the fall. One of the new features is Sound Recognition which will be really helpful to people who are deaf"

(there’s a demonstration video @ the link)


IOS 14 now let’s you receive text alerts and other alerts to your hearing aids…they finally fixed it.
There is an option call play system sounds in your Accessibility Hearing aid feature.

This is great! Can’t wait to try it.

When is 14 coming out

Normally late September to early October

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You can enroll your iphone into the Apple IOS beta program…very simple and you can download the beta IOS 14 and try it out. So far I have had zero issues.



Thank you for your sharing this information.

There’s been news of the AirPods Pro and iOS 14. (My ear drums were injured by accidental extreme high water pressure several months ago. Now I’m enjoying comfort and audio quality of just plain original AirPods for music, audiobooks, podcasts and wonder if adjusting newer Pro will help me hear doorbell and other usual surrounding sounds after going to ios14.). Given my profound hearing loss I’m surprised how well I do with just simple AirPods.

From what I have been told by my nephew that works for Apple, what apple is working on will only work for mild to very moderate hearing loss. Now that isn’t saying they will not improve up on that as they go. Apple always seems to keep improving things, even though some of those improvements turn into not being so good for other uses.

One possible charge of interest has to do with live listening and its interrogation with air pods pro. This might offer people more choices to treat their hearing loss rather then having to pay the high prices of hearing aids that some can not afford. :+1:

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