What brand of hearing aids currently do you wear?

  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • Resound
  • Signia / Siemens
  • Widex
  • Starkey
  • Unitron
  • Bernafon
  • Other

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I wear phonak naida paradise
I accidentaly deleted the thread and undeleted it. Sorry about 3 lost votes.


Hopefully a lot will vote in order to get a statistically valid result.

same. This is not competition but I’d like to see more votes

@eyesgreendeaf:, I find it curious that there aren’t more voters!


I agree. As of now, fifty two have viewed the thread but jonly twenty votes. :thinking:

Maybe they aren’t registered on the forum?
Not sure if you can vote if you aren’t registered!
Also, what about double triple … voting? how does the forum system knows that you’ve already voted?

“None” should be an option.

I’m testing both Oticon and Philips. You might want to put Philips in as an option, as they are popular in Costco.


Phonak lumity 70r life.

@eyesgreendeaf Would you mind adding KS9, KS10, Philips?


Flagged my post since I cannot edit my poll

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I voted but it didn’t show up. I wear Signia Ax7.

One can not help but notice that Phonak is very popular among this site’s visitors. Most visitors here are American, yet American Starkey is not their first choice. Why such popularity of Phonak considering that it’s the most expensive brand?

I “voted” Starkey but my aids are branded NuEar, which along with Audibel are just rebranded Starkeys. Possibly a few folks didn’t realize that and didn’t vote?

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Have you seen Oticon’s UK prices? :hot_face: shocking

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Probably because it works with Android hands-free. I don’t have any data on that, but from my observations and experiences, I can see how they capitalized on the Android market.


All hearing aids prices are a shock to the nervous system. But I am so lucky and grateful to be getting my aids from the VA. Honestly I can’t afford the aids I wear any other way. I personally prefer Oricon aids and would prefer ITE aids if available for my needs. But I am also grateful to have a wonderful audiologist that I trust to provide me with what is best for my hearing needs. I also know I am determined enough that I would get use to the hearing aids if my audiologist decided that I needed a different brand of hearing aids. And I know very few can say this or would be willing to say this.


According to this site, a pair of More 1s costs £3195 (~US$ 3723) in the UK.

Now, the price of Phonak Paradise UP-P90 in my country is around $5925. Starkey evolv AI 2400 costs $2300 so I went with Starkey.

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Lumity waterproof rechargeable version.


@hearing-love_loss : In a word, the answer is: *fanboyism". One of our lovlier members posted this a while back:

“I’m not anti-Oticon. I’ve never had anything to do with them. But I think the Oticon fanboyism, which has only gotten worse since I last spent time here, is misleading to new users who are exposed to a drumbeat of praise by a few people, based largely on Oticon marketing materials.”

Substitute Phonak for Oticon and you’ll have the mystery revealed!:point_right:t2: :wink::point_left:t2:

[Addendum: This comment is obviously “tongue-in-cheek”. The fact is that site demographics probably has more to do with the seeming preponderance of Phonak users who are voting in this survey than anything else.]