What Bluetooth Connections on Paradise P90s

UPDATE: FIXED The Paradise P90 HAs allow 8 paired devices, and two of those can be connected at any given time. I couldn’t connect two at the same time because I had more than 8 devices paired. I disconnected two of the devices I seldom need the HAs for and voila, I now have my phone and PC connected at the same time! Thanks for tolerating my ramblings…

I just discovered that if I delete the BT connection between my P90s and my phone, the HAs connect flawlessly to my PC. One of the big selling points for the P90s is their ability to maintain two BT connections simultaneously. Question is, what else are the P90s connected to? I don’t see anything in the Phonak app that answers that question.
Anybody know how to see what BT devices are connected to the P90s?

Some users have two BT devices, their phone and their headphones :headphones:. I have my P70 UP connected to my phone and my tablet.

I have the HAs paired to two laptops, two tablets, a Note 5G Ultra, a car and a multitude of other things but the only real connection that I know of is to the phone. So if everything is working correctly, there must be another connected device, else I wouldn’t have to disconnect the phone in order to connect to the PC… Right?

I’m not sure that I understand your question. Wouldn’t this behavior suggest that your aids are connected to one of the other several devices they are paired with?

If you have the new tv connector as l have, you can connect to the laptop with the audio cable and it uses its own wireless communication to the aids leaving you two available Bluetooth devices. You can use the myphonak app to switch between devices.

Do you have an Apple Watch?

I would hope that would be the case. However, none of the other devices show as “Connected”, only paired.

Nah! Galaxy Watch 3. Why? What are you thinking?

Well my Apple Watch connects to my aids. It was oils been a Bluetooth connection

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I have Phonak P90 HAs. I also have a Avantree Bluetooth USB Audio Transmitter (external) model BTDG-80. I am running Win 10 on my desktop computer. For the life of me I cannot get audio from my PC to go to my HAs. Many, many hours spent trying. I talked with Phonak Customer support and they recommended the dongle that I have and said the Paradise was tested with that dongle and worked OK. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

Have you tried this: [Trouble shooting] Cannot install USB-BT500 successfully | Official Support | ASUS Global
(Insert your device for my BT500 adaptor)

I can’t really try this trouble shooting because my dongle (BTDG-80) is not a Bluetooth device.

If this is your device, it sure looks like bluetooth 5.0 to me. Maybe I founnd the wrong one?

It’s beginning to sound like the exact problem I had. My HAs wouldn’t connect to my BT adaptor sometimes so while discussing it with Phonak support, they recommended a Senheiser/EPOS BTD 800.
It absolutely would not recognize my P90s. I dug deeper and found that the dongle would only work with Senheiser headphones! I shipped the Senheiser back and got a ASUS USB-BT500. It works like a dream.
Turns out my initial problem was due to my having the HAs paired to more than 8 items. I deleted a few of the pairings and boom. Works like a million bucks!

In my case that isn’t true. I have an Oticon ConnectClip that I use with my OPN S 1 aids as the Oticon aids are MFi and won’t connect to classic Bluetooth. The ConnectClip was shipped with a Sennheiser BTD 800 USB for Lync dongle. The ConnectClip would not work correctly with the Bluetooth 5.0 in my iMac Pro - it works fine with the BTD 800 and the Bluetooth 4.2 in an older MacBook Pro. I was told by Oticon Tech support that the BTD 800 should be used with any problematic computer. They suggested that most laptops work with the ConnectClip without the BTD 800 but many desktops do not. Note that the BTD firmware can be updated and has been many times since I got mine. Updates are mainly to add support for new devices but also for new software (Teams for example) and also to fix bugs.

So the BTD 800 USB dongle does work with devices other than Sennheiser (EPOS) headphones and headsets. EPOS ship a USB dongle with some of their higher end headsets, probably to work around the flakey Bluetooth chipsets and software stacks in various computers :slight_smile:

How do you determine how many items are paired to your HAs?


Probably sounds stupid. What is + mic 1 and + mic 2? Is mic 1 the microphone on one hearing aid and mic 2 is the microphone on the second hearing aid?


I have the same question

I assumed that it was ‘“Phone call + mic” 1’ and ‘“Phone call + mic” 2’ rather than ‘Phone call + “mic 1”’, etc. IOW, that the number 1 or 2 applies to the whole of the preceding rather than just to the preceding word.