What are the most used & asked for programmes?

Thought I would ask as I am in the middle of getting the right programmes on my aids.

What are the most used programmes and what do people ask for all the time??

If you put your most used programme first, going down to the not so used programme. Will give me some idea.

Thank you.

I only have 2 programs. Normal and music. I originally had 4 programs which included a crowd/resturaunt program and a TV program. After a few months I realized that normal and music were all that I used.
The only reason that I can’t use the normal program for listening to music is that my aids think that some of the music I listen to (50s and 60s rock and roll) is noise and they go into the noise management mode. In the music program the noise management is disabled. Otherwise it is the same as program one.
In the normal mode my aids are very good at adapting to many environments so they stay in program 1 about 95% of the time.

normal, music, automobile and crowds…

I stay on normal most of the time even in the car unless I have the windows cracked. I sometime switch to music but usually forget as normal takes care if it most the time. I only go to crowds if I’m in a restaurant and got some loud takers sitting behind me. I could live with normal and automobile but I have 4 slot. the 5th I use for TV and BT streamer.

prog 1 - stereo zoom (front), sound streamed to both HAs
prog 2 - stereo zoom (right), left mic off, sound streamed to both HAs
prog 3 - music. environmental filters off
auto (home program) - sound flow

I have room for up to 5 progs, not including the sound flow mode

prog 1 - normal
prog 2 - music
prog 3- telecoil

I have room for a 4th but haven’t needed it.

1 - General
2 - Speech in noise
3 - Music
4 - Accoustic phone mode (I never use it)


Exactly, almost to the letter my experience as well. So I use two programs, normal and music.

The best part of only two programs, is that I do not have to cycle thru the ones I never used to get to the one I do need. :rolleyes:

If you have spice+ level IX Phonaks, then you don’t need most of the programs mentioned as many of them are automatic.

Even though the level IXs have an automatically selected music setting, for the moment I also have manual ones - one with Sound Recover and one without it just to experiment to see if i can tell the difference.

I also have stero zoom (only to the front) and zoom control which automatcially picks up the dominent speech to the front or rear or left or right. I also have a phone mode with both mic and telecoil as I had the automatic phone set to just mic to try to defeat the HAs from putting me into phone mode with headphones as phone mode is definitely not good for music.

I’m wearing the Agil Pros I have three programs. Regular,music and one which is to reduce the sounds around me when I’m in a restaurant setting. This last program doesn’t seem too different from the regular program so I’m going to ask Audi if it can be improved.

I just got the Agil Pro last week so I have no programs. Like to hear back on your restaurant program when you get a chance.

I have four programs Normal, music, crowd and TV. But I don’t use all. Only Normal and Crowd is useful and sufficient for me. :slight_smile:

Interesting to read all these.

Are there any profoundly deaf people that feel they like the music programme. Is it easier to listen to music on this programme rather then on its own?

I dont normally listen to music as I find I cant really pick any of it up even with digital aids.

Normal, restaurant, for use with my iTouch when listening to audiobooks via bluetooth, automobile (cuts the wind noise when I have the top down). I use them all.

Based on what I have read here over the past few years, not all of these programs’ names mean exactly the same thing. This seems to depend on the manufacturer. For example, my HA’s music setting don’t seem to have any sound enhancement. That is just what I want when I listen to classical music in a concert hall. However, I have read here that other some other manufacturers’ music setting may have built in enhancement. And so on. In effect, advising someone to get a setting is only the beginning. Will someone comment on this please.