What are the green and yellow knobs on a hearing aid for?

I have these hearing aids which are an ITE class d. They have a main volume control and below it are two little knobs colored yellow and green. What are those two knobs for?

green should be tone control

yellow U got me

what brand instrument?

the brand is electone.

The colors used probably vary from one manufacturer to another.

You could just email them: technical@electoneonline.com

Or call them: 407-831-2555

If it were a Starkey aid the yellow would be a bass cut. The green would be some kind of compression.

So if the same colors apply turning the pot with a small screwdriver it should turn no more than about 270 degrees. Don’t forget where it was set before you mess with it. But the yellow should affect the sharpness of the sound, whereas the green should affect how loud noises are handled.

But as a different manufacturer the colors could mean something completely different. But that’s going to be my guess for what it’s worth. Like I said, I’d send them an email.