What are the expectations of the use of Hearing Aid

Hearing test would be conducted to determine the hearing loss. Once done, the hearing aid will be set to accommodate the hearing loss…what then are the correct expectations.

  1. Would the hearing aid makes one regain a normal hearing like before?
  2. Would one expect not to experience occlusion?
  3. Is occlusion normal or part of the hearing aid experience?

No. Hearing aid will not restore hearing to normal.
Occlusion is common, but not necessarily normal. Depends on your hearing loss, the earpiece fit and venting and the programming. Solutions to occlusion can be increased venting, decreased gain at lower frequencies or give it time and get used to it. Sharing audiogram would help.


1 hearing aids are an aid they will never give you normal hearing,
2 yes at first your voice will be loud and there will be new sounds, and some may be irritating, you will get use to them. Be patient
3 hopefully not always, I don’t notice my voice being anything but my new almost normal


Your questions are difficult to answer with any amount of accuracy without knowing your audiogram, it Depends on your hearing loss.


Hearing aids are not like eyeglasses. With eyeglasses, you get the right prescription and you see again, same as before.

With hearing aids, you hear BETTER, you hear MORE, but never like before.


And that is the hardest thing in the world to explain to most people. Also, to to get so many people to understand the difference between deaf and hearing loss.


In my case, 75% of my right ear has moderate, severe or profound loss, and the left ear is normal with a slight or mild fluctuating loss… I have had a bad right ear ever since I was little, but only tried a hearing aid about 15 years ago, when I was in my mid thirties. When I wear the hearing aid, my voice sounds louder and clearer, so that’s how it should sound.
I used to feel that without the hearing aid was “normal”, or “reality”, and when wearing it felt I had “extra help”. Now, my brain has adapted to it, which took a very long time for me, but I now feel that wearing the aid is normal, and when I’m not wearing it, I am missing something.
The aid I am wearing has a vent, so I don’t feel plugged up. It’s a Starkey Picasso custom IIC.

When I compare the sound of music listening to my right ear with the hearing aid, and the left ear with natural hearing, I am still missing a lot of high pitched percussion from the right, even with the aid. Together, though, it sounds wonderful to me. This one has only one program, and I can’t adjust it. There is a remote that goes with it, but I haven’t got it to work yet. I will ask about that. But it does help a lot with understanding speech the first time and not asking for repeats, and it feels very natural to me. At some point I may want more features, but right now this is the best fit for me.

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I would expect a good brand of aid, thats suitable for your specific hearing loss, and that’s well fitted (REM) to give you fairly decent word comprehension, in all/most situations. If this didn’t happen you would need to look for reasons why…