What android phone will connect to Resound Linx 3D 9 RIE?

Hi, My phone is dying. I’d like to buy a new one that will send its signal right into my ear via my
Resound Linx 3D 9 RIE hearing aids. Does anyone know if there are any android phone models that will do that? I think there are some iPhones that will, but they are sooo pricey! If you can guide me, I’d appreciate it. It’s hard for me to get information. I’m in Playa Del Carmen Mexico and don’t speak Spanish LOL True story. Thank you,

Only iPhone.

Android can connect to Linx3D but cannot stream.

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Also, you probably don’t need latest few generations of iphone. Last several years got latest ios update, not just last one. Maybe that’s worth checking?

I saw some I think model 7 for just a 200 eur, used and refurbished. Shop around. And definitely check what exactly is needed, I believe you don’t need latest iphone to make it work.

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You have iPhone SE 2020 for 400$. It’s best bang for buck.

I don’t know for Mexico, but I saw you can buy iPhone 7 for under 200$ new, or get used iPhone 8 for that money.

With Android, you can only access to Smart3D App and use it, but you cannot stream. Or you can get PhoneClip for Linx3D and use Android phone but phone clip is 200$, but I would invest in iPhone.

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