What Age Did You Start Wearing Hearing Aids

Certainly do not want to pry into an individuals life. Yet, it seems like a diverse group posting on the forum.

I am 53 year old male and finally purchased the hearing aids that I should have had a couple of years ago. At what age did you start having trouble or wearing your hearing aids?


I got my first aids 6 years ago at the age of 45. I’d had a lengthy bout with ear infections, and had a hearing test at the ENT’s office. I have a mild to moderate mostly high frequency loss, and the years of allergies, sinus problems, and loud music took their toll. I probably should have been wearing aids quite a long time ago, but developed some coping skills that masked the problem.

The good news is that since the initial audiogram 6 years ago, my hearing has actually improved slightly. I’m currently wearing GN ReSound Pulse open fit aids with tulip domes, and wear them usually 14-16 hours a day.

I’m 39 and have been wearing HA’s since I was 2. That’s 37 years worth with no additional loss so far.

I have been wearing hearing aids since I was 2, and I am 18 now. I have Dominant Progressive Hearing Loss, or DPHL. It a genetic progressive loss. I had a mild-moderate loss when I was 2 and now I have a profound loss.

I started wearing hearing aids when I was 8. So I’ve been using aids for almost 30 years now.

I am 33 and I was born with hearing loss. I started to wear hearing aids when I was 3. I was mild to moderate hearing loss when I was young and now as today moderate to severe hearing loss. I don’t have any problem wearing my hearing aids for 30 years.

Since I was 45. That makes about 25 years. Guns and machinery took its toll.

I first was told I had a problems approx. 13-14 years ago at age 32 - 33. I purchased HA’s and they ended up in a drawer. My masking and coping skills are not enough for my loss at this time - so I guess I will be wearing HA from now on.

I tried to farm before I went back to school. From 1978 to 1985 I remember walking up to the large 427 irrigation engines on a stand and adjusting the timing or adding oil. Never once did I think of taking care of the precious hearing.
I have realized I should thank the Lord I lost hearing at a later age.


There is a vast age group on the site with whom to draw from your knowledge.

Thank you for your replies and assistance on previous posts.

In March of this year. Right before my 55th birthday. My speech recognition had been slowly going down hill for the last 11 years. The same time my tinnitus reared its ugly head.


I was diagnosed with hearing loss since I was a baby, but I didn’t get hearing aids until I 13. That makes 22 years so far.

56 and just for six weeks or so.

Just started to ware a aid @ the age of 44.
Had dealt with ear infections, and perforated ear drums that took its tool on one ear. HIgh Frq. loss. Aid has helped tremeondously .

My son is 11 now and has been wearing hearing aids since he was diagnosed at 15 months old. Because of early and strenuous intervention in the deaf and hard of hearing program in our public schools where he started speech therapy at 18 months old, he was mainstreamed into a regular class by second grade and has perfectly clear speech. He is “graduating” from 5th grade in a couple of weeks but he has been at this elementary school for 10 years now because of their infants and toddlers and then preschool DHOH programs.

This is his audiogram
frequency Left Right
250 - 50 - 50
500 - 55 - 70
1000 - 75 - 75
2000 - 75 - 80
3000 - 75 - 75
4000 - 65 - 65
6000 - 60 - 60
8000 - 50 - 65

what does he use?

Maureen ~ congratulations to your son on his 5th grade graduation & on doing so well! They sure have come a long ways in DHOH education, that is so wonderful for all of the HI kids out there!

I was diagnosed as HI by my first grade teacher. At that time (mid 1960’s) they didn’t think young kids could handle wearing HA’s so I didn’t get mine until I was 10. The only advice they gave to my parents & teachers was “make sure she sits in the front row so she can lipread the teacher”. Well in spite of all that I did manage to graduate from college :slight_smile:

I have worn HA’s for nearly 40 years, can’t manage without them. I am looking forward to getting a new Epoq this summer, I hope it’s all I’ve read it to be!


His first aids were some sort of Phonak analog aids. His current aids are Oticon Digifocus II compact power. He will be trying the new Naida SP when it becomes available this summer.

Congrats to you on watching and working with you son. He and his hearing is fortunate to have you watching and working with him.
I now realize they grow up quickly!

its going to be an amazing change… very big upgrade