Well it has been 4 years since my last new hearing aids


I went to the VA clinic this morning and had a hearing test done, it has been 2 years since my last hearing test, and 4 years since getting the Oticon Alta in the ear hearing aids that I have now. I haven’t been tested for2 years due to moving and not wanting to travel over 50 miles to the VA Clinic, but as of this morning the new clinic opened close by. And I was the second Veteran to be tested at this clinic. I am getting new aids on Dec 3. I know the following only: They will be Oticon again, they will be direct connected to my Iphone, I am getting a new TV connect, phone connect for the house phone, I am get a connectclip, and they are in the ear hearing aids. I was told that the in the ear models will become available this coming Monday so my timing was great. I do not know if they are the OPN or not.
All I care about is that I hope I can hear better with these that I am now with my Alta in the ear aids. My biggest issue is that I have to set the volume to max the here, and that my old streamer has bad connections to my nech strap. If any of you have any insightts on the possiblities of the aids I will be looking to hear from you.
I forget to say I have severe hearing loss, and also severe ringing in my ears.

Getting my OPN1 hearing aids this coming Monday what should I expect

If you post your audiogram, that will help other folks advise you. Don’t know if this is the best link but a while ago Abram Bailey recommended pvc’s advice on how to do it:


I don’t have a copy of mine at this time and will not have until after I get my aids. I am dealing with a new VA clinic that just opened today and I was the second patient seen.


They’re most likely the OPN as they were just released. And the Alta was their top of the line at the time you got yours


I have to agree seeing that I am getting all of the extras. I have the Alta Pros at this time, my only issue with them is that I have to max out the volume to hear now, and I have been made to understand that my adjustments are at the max, and my streamer is on its last leg.


Do be aware that you are giving up some benefits of the OPN platform in the ITE form factor.


Not when I get my aids Oticon is adding all of the benefits to the ITE aids. My Audi told me as of this coming Monday they are adding all of the benefits to the custom ITE aids. When I looked at the spec sheet it listed the wireless connections as options. I get my aids from the VA and I have always gotten the top of the line in the model of aids that I get.


Wow more I read about what is available now days, the more I have hope that I just may be able to hear better with the new aids. I love the Alta Pros and they were such an improvement over my previous aids. But I cannot hear a lot of things, and I cannot tell you how many times I have had some one upset at me because I didn’t hear them coming up behind me. Or the times that I didn’t understand what was said and asked them to repeat or I said what and had the scream back at me. That is worse than not understanding what is being said. I have got to the to the point at times of just not wanting to be around anyone or just letting it past and not trying to understand the conversation.


This was my last audogram readings, and I expect the new one will be somewhat worse

khz 250 500 1K 1.5K 2K 3K 4K 6K 8K
rht 20 35 55 75 80 70 70 60 55
lft 25 35 50 60 70 65 65 60 50

rht 45db
lft 40db
word recognition
right 44% @90db
left 80% @ 90db


See the little headphone (or palm tree :slight_smile: ) in the lower right of some avatars? It’s an indication that the user has their audiogram entered. Clicking on it gives a nice graphic audiogram. You can do it too. It’s in the hearing tracker profile. (not forum profile)
You click the points in graphically or just type them in in a manual screen.


I didn’t read all of the other comments in detail, so someone might have already brought this up…but don’t buy an aid without a tcoil!!!


I am getting t coils


Yesssssss! I use my neckloop/tcoils to talk on my iphone, using the audio jack.


I stream my calls from my iPhone to my hearing aids by way of the streamer pro


is that an mFi BT connection?


At this time I have in the ear custom aids that connect to my iPhone and other devices by way of the streamer pro. When I get my new aids they will be mfi connected to my iPhone and they will be in the ear custom aids also


MY problem with the mFi aids is that they ONLY connect with iPhones, not any non-Apple device. So, if you choose to change phone types, the mFi aids won’t work with anything else. And vice versa…if you get non-mFi aids, they won’t link with an iPhone. The Bluetooth protocol is proprietary.


That is true but you still can use the connect clip that oticon has to connect to Android.
I started with Windows phones, then went to android phones which to me sucked, but that was when Android was just starting out, my wife loves here Note smart phone and I cannot even find my way around it. I do use Iphone, Ipad, watch, and MacOS, I do not plan on switching to anyother platform at my age. I also get my hearing aids from the VA system, and I am dependent on what they say I need. While I am not stuck with a phone platform for say, there is no other way I can afford my hearing aids, and what little disablity I get is enough to help me get the phones I need.


well, that sounds like the right decision, given your situation. I’ve heard good things about the VA’s offerings for those with hearing loss. thanks for the tips. I’m still gonna wait for an interoperative BT protocol, but it could take a little time. I still have 2.5 pairs of aids, and just switch them back and forth every few days.


See the recent Phonak Marvel announcement.