Weird noise after phone call/waze talking

Hi Guys,
Please help me, because I am desperate.
The Phonak paradise 70 I am trying makes this weird noise after hanging up a call, streaming music or having waze talking to me. Only after, for couple of seconds - like it is letting in the outside noise and adjusting… difficult to explain. Must be something wrong with the communication btw my cell and HA? I have tried it with another cell and also other Phonak P70 device (I am in a trial period). No change, so must be programming, right?
My HA specialist a bit clueless. Any idea what she should do?
Or is it something I need to get used to (no other HAs I tried did this)?

Thanks a lot for your kind help,

Hello, newer HA wearer here.
I think I notice the same thing you describe with my Phonak P90-R.
I leave the HAs on the automatic profile about 90% of the time. Any input from my iPhone, be it a call, any notification, or streaming music from the phone it as if the ambient sounds are “boosted” at the same time. Once the sound(s) from the phone stop there is a brief fraction of a second where the boosted ambient volume remains before returning to normal.
Is that similar to you?
What I am hearing is a bit of a nuisance, but not a make-or-break it issue for me. I’m guessing it comes from something to do with the way Bluetooth works, but I don’t know that for sure.
I have my second follow-up appointment in two weeks, I might bring it up to the audiologist to see if she has ever heard of it.

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It must be a Phonak problem because I have this same issue, although only in my right ear, every time I pause the TV Connector broadcast or when streaming music.

My loss is only high frequency, and my right ear is the better ear, so I placed the more powerful left aid in my right ear and heard a more constant high frequency hiss, therefore the sound is present in both hearing aids I just can’t hear it in the left ear.

It appears to be a 0.5 to 1 Hz wavering static, or hiss type of noise which continues until I change back to AutoMatic.

I mentioned this to my Audi each time I visit but she can’t fix it.

I have tried moving my iPhone around to different places but the sound remains the same volume and frequency.

My P90’s have the medium receiver in the left ear, and the lower powered S receiver in the right ear so I’m not sure if the receiver differences are why the sound is different between the two receivers…sorry for all the extraneous info but just trying to add whatever information might assist with evaluating this problem.

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Not having any problem with mine. Sorry.

No issue with mine but mine are BTE Aids rather then the Audeo range.

Thanks a lot! Very well described, exactly this is happening to me.
Would you be so kind to let me know if your specialist knows the solution? I would like to have this HA, but for me this is really annoying. Till then I will try something else (Signia or Oticon More) I guess… :wink:
Thanks again for your response

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Thanks a lot! Great hint: I will try to ask whether it is because of wrong frequency. Maybe they can manage.

Thanks for posting…
I shall watch. Need to learn more.


So interestingly I have this with my Audéo P-RT. If I watch a video, with sound turned fully down, on my phone this causes the Bluetooth to connect and I get a background hiss.

This actually happened with my second pair with a loop but not with my first pair without a loop. I’m actually going back to a aid without a loop as it seems the Audéo P-R doesn’t have this issue.

(I’m still in my trial period so trying to work out what is best)

So your saying the t-coil is kicking in and making the background “hiss” you hear, or something else.

To be honest I’ve no idea. The tcoil is off I think for Bluetooth.

Maybe the coil causes hissing in the Bluetooth DAC?

Just reporting what I’ve discovered as the hissing annoyed me a lot.


Thanks a lot for all the responses.
It seems my HA specialist found the solution! :slight_smile: She modified one of the settings called mixing speed (not sure this is the right term): it sets the speed how fast the hearing aid switches between the different programs. It was on medium speed, now it’s on max.

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Glad it’s helped but odd it’s helped as the Phone Call program is not part of AutoSense and your Audi has changed the transition speed of AutoSense. Music streaming is part of AutoSense tho but not the Phone Call program.

Mine is set at 2 and never had this issue.

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