Weird battery icon issue and a small panic this morning!

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is having a good Christmas or whatever you celebrate this time of year. I am just wondering if anyone here has had the same or similar issue with their streamer as I did this morning.
I charged my streamer last night as usual on the charger dock and put everything on to use this morning and noticed when my bluetooth connected that it said 10% battery on the streamer icon (this sits right next to the bluetooth icon on my phone status bar). So I went back to the dock and popped it back on, it flashed 4 times then stopped ( I now know this was because it was actually fully charged). I even tried it on the cable and in a plug socket and it did the same. Then hubby suggested checking in the app to see if the battery level was registered in there and it was, at 100%.
So I rebooted my phone and not immediately after it started back up but literally a few minutes, I was chatting to hubby and noticed that the streamer icon was now showing full and white at 100%. So it had charged up fully overnight but for some reason my phone didn’t recognise it as full when I turned on the bluetooth toggle.
Hopefully it was just a communication issue and it’s all working beautifully and showing as it should be now but I just wondered if anyone had experienced this or knows more about why it did it?

This happened often with my Phonak EasyCall as well. I don’t trust what my iPhone tells me now.

Hi @Zebras it did it this morning too. I guess it’s just a communication thing between my phone and the streamer. It takes a few minutes of them both being on but it changes to full again so I know where I am!!