Wearing a Mask with Hearing Aids

  1. If you have long hair, pull it back in a bun and loop the elastics around the bun.
  2. Sew 2 large buttons onto a soft headband. Placing the buttons to line up with each ear will allow the mask to sit properly. Looping the elastic around each button will take the strain off of your ears.
  3. If you know someone who crochets or sews, you can create an extension out of fabric, ribbon or yarn that is 4 inches long. Buttons sewn on either side allows for a place to put the elastic of the mask other than your ears.
  4. There are YouTube videos on creating masks that tie, which puts absolutely no pressure on the ears.

Source: Wearing a Mask with Hearing Aids | Say What?


I don’t like the elastic over the ears/aids either, so I made this mask using an adjustable fabric strap. Comfortable and the strap fits nicely over my aids. To take it off I just lift the mask upwards.! I also added a wire along the bottom hem to make the mask conform to my jaw … I think I have invented an “underwire mask”!
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nice job, i think you are wearing a bte, do you?

Yes, Phonak Marvels. I love 'em.

Why not get N95 masks and be done with it? More expensive but much more effective. And the elastics go past the ears without touching.

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From where? Not paying some hoarding jerk hundreds of dollars…

I am wearing a neck gaiter as a mask. Elastic, my nose hols it up over my face and they ride below my ears at the sides and back. Used to use them for motorcycling to keep my neck and bottom of my face warm. Works ok. I guess. Sigh…Just have to be careful when slipping over my head to not pull my aids out. Been lucky so far.

if you look for N95 on Amazon for instance, you will see they are reserved for health care workers & yes, they are price gouging the health care workers horribly.

I have a few N95 masks that I bought 20 years ago prepping for Y2K. I thought they would be all rotted but only the foam that goes over your nose has disintegrated and I took some masking tape and Removed all of that and put masking tape over that bit of foam The rubber bands are impossible to get over your head. I called 3 AM thinking that they had improved them but he said no they are still making them the same. What I have to do is put the mask on my forehead so that I can stretch those rubber bands to the back of my head and then it works fine but it is hard. Glad I have them.

I started wearing a face shield. It does as well as any cloth mask and fo9lks can see when I smile.

Face shields aren’t as good as… Decent hospital grade paper mask are 50 for under $10 on Amazon. Free at most business doorways. Even new N-95 mask are not what you want.

Well, I was told that paper and cloth masks are similar to trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence. There are way too many dis-information sources and experts.

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