Wear my hearing aids to a theme park

I was wondering if I should leave my aids at home going to the theme parks here in Florida. I have CIC and the heat makes my ears moist. We are going to sea world and others and thought with the misters all over the park and the rides I maybe should leave them home. Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion.

Yeah, lots of ways to get splashed. Could you take them in a small case and put them on when you are watching a presentation or a show and take them off in the higher risk areas?

I think I may do that. I have a small case and I will put it in a bag. Just finished paying for the suckers and don’t want to ruin them. :smiley:

I would definitely not wear hearing aids at a theme park particularly during summer, Florida, tropical weather. No way. Besides the humidity, mister, and rain issues, there is the danger of losing them on a ride or elsewhere in the park where safe recovery would be unlikely. On the other hand, my aids are BTE which would seem to me to be easier to lose or get wet than CIC.

I am very nervous about losing them. Just from my head getting jerked. thanks for the point of view.

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I don’t know for sure that rough theme park rides can cause CIC aids to come out with centrifugal force, the way Space Mountain shakes eyeglasses and wallets off riders, but barring an audiologist posting here, “ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY could not happen,” if you wear them, you’re going to be worried about them the whole time you’re there. And that’s not ideal for a vacation.

I don’t think the humidity would matter all that much assuming you don’t walk around dripping sweat all day and providing that at the the end of the brutally long day you put your aids in a dryer such as dry and store. (Not a clothes dryer):wink: But I would definitely put them away for protection against such things as a mister or a water ride. Case in point, many years ago I went on one of those circular raft type rides and got dunked by the waterfall. Instantly dead aids. Once off the ride I aired out the aids and changed the batteries and they came back to life but it was a lesson learned. I can’t go the entire day without the aids my loss being profound but now I always carry a plastic zip lock bag to put the aids in whenever I think I may encounter some kind of water. Those baby’s are just to damn expensive to take a chance.

I used to be a regular at Disneyland in CA. I always had 3 zip-lock sandwich bags in my pockets. One for my wallet, one for my car keys (alarm remote) and cell phone, and one for my hearing aids. Of course it is not all that humid out here, a dry heat. But I’d keep everything safe when going on any of the water rides. The CIC hearing aids I had at that time never came out when riding the coasters, including the inverted one.

A little more expensive than a zip lock bag but I just bought a fully waterproof carry pouch from this site for my aids when I travel. You could actually do a water ride with your aids in one of these pouches/cases. http://www.thewaterproofstore.com/?gclid=CM_DhLux6akCFdBrKgodhDFPYg