We need automated source switching

I used to be a car audio enthusiast. At one time I had the following device in my car.


I wish we had something similar for our hearing aids…wireless of course.

I would like to pair 3 to 5 devices. I would then like to assign them a priority. Then if I am listening to a source and a higher priority source becomes active, the hearing aid…or an intermediary device switches to the higher priority device.

I still have the cl-ses. I could make what I want, but it would be untenable outside a stationary situation. I could hook 3 Bluetooth receivers to the three inputs…and pair a Bluetooth device with each. I could put a Bluetooth transmitter on the cl-ses output. I could pair that with the hearing aids.

So a flexible Bluetooth switching station…


The new Phonak Paradise can connect to multiple devices at the same time.

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multiple being only 2
but still, I think it definitely helps with making the switching easier

I think that you still have to manually disconnect from one of those two in case you wan to connect to your third device and all are nearby, it won’t automatically know which devices you want to be connected to.

That is my thing.

I want to be able to connect to 3, 4, 5 sources. Then I want to be able to prioritize the sources.

So if I have a phone, 2-way radio, MP3 player, hooked up…

I assign highest priority to the 2-way, next to the phone, next to the MP3 player.

I am listening to the MP3 player., a phone call comes in…the aids switch automatically…but then a message comes in on the 2-way…that is put through instantly and without delay…then afterwards, I drop back to the phone call, then back to MP3 after the phone call ends. There needs to be an adjustable delay before dropping back.

TL:DR - Paradise allows pairing to 8 devices, with 2 active. Sometimes switching works as-advertised, often not. Need next firmware update. Overall, still happy with upgrade to Paradise from Marvel.

2020-09-08: I upgraded from Marvel M90RT to Paradise P90RT. I have Mac (10.15.6), iphone and ipad (both iOS 14) paired and in-range.

So far, pairing has been most reliable with iphone. Pairing unreliable to Mac, on a zoom call, for instance. I have brute-forced a selection by turning bluetooth off for the third device - not a long-term solution!

Connection to Phonak app is flakey, especially left HA for some reason.

An aside - the double-tap controls for Siri and streaming play/pause are actually handy. I don’t like wearing a watch, so I was constantly hauling the phone out of my pocket.

Writing code that knows which source you want to listen to (automatically) is beyond tricky. It can only execute pre-loaded rules.

I have the Paradise 90RT. I pair to an Android phone, and Windows 10 workstation, a home theater via a TV Connector and to instruments in a track-only car. At startup I am paired to the phone and workstation and whichever gives me a signal I hear it. The phone (calls, notifications, alarms, etc.) takes precedence. The theater is beyond the range of the Bluetooth workstation so if go to the theater and start a source it switches automatically to the TV Connector interface. The phone is still takes precedence. If I go to a car with paired instruments I am out of range of any thing except my phone. I am connected as soon as I boot up my instruments ( and dial ambient down to minimum). Automatic–not really. Virtually no intelligence but it does play by some simple rules and it delivers on what I anticipated. I never actually have to make a manual source selection. If I had an array of tablets, phones and whatever all paired and broadcasting I would be in for misery. My environment avoids those clashes.

This is why I would set the software to prioritize in the order paired. Easy enough.

But that’s by design, afaik.

Marvel had 1 connection, you would then make a switch by turning off those sources you don’t want.

With paradise you have 2 connection which seamlessly switch between depending on where from sound is coming, but if you have 3 paired devices in range, you still have to turn off bt on one you don’t want to hear, since aids don’t connect automatically depending on the active stream. They connect to two (first two they find) and automatically switch streaming between those two connected.

They never said that connection is dependent on active stream and that that will switch on the connection.

I have one more to share.
R version connects immediately when it’s in range of paired device.
13T refuse to connect to my laptop if phone connected first, to the point that I have to kill bt on phone, on laptop, restart the aids, turn on bt on laptop (Linux), then they finally connect, and then I can turn on bt on phone. Android.

R version doesn’t care, it just connects.

My fitter called phonak and conclusion is that they should behave exactly the same and that battery version is faulty, send for replacement.

13t version would need like at least 2 attempts of 20 seconds each to connect to the app. Oftentimes more.
R version needs few seconds but most of the time it needs one attempt and less than 10 seconds.

The worst times for both were while I have active streaming be it TV connector or BT. But 13t version would drive me crazy with failed attempts even without any stream active.

@efigalaxie yeah, that would be nice, but I think you meant connecting, since they’re already paired :slight_smile:
Or you meant that by order we paired them they should prioritize connections as well?
I must say that I’d rather have a list I can sort manually.

Now, phone definitely has a priority from my experience as welll as @VinceJ noticed