We Are Being Force Away from Disposal Batteries

and that’s not right. Case in point is that new HA’s coming out are only taking size 10 or 312 batteries. And when you go that (small battery) route you have to go battery recharge. No way a disposable 10 or 312 battery lasts long if you stream, use cell phone, etc. The reason for this “stupid” move is two fold. It seems HA manufactures want to make smaller hearing aids - even behind the ear thus the need for a smaller battery. Secondly it seems HA manufactures want you to “charge up” daily because it so much fun recharging your HA’s every 24 hours. You rarely see HA’s now that offer size 13 battery and I’m afraid size 675 will go the way of the Dodo bird.

Maybe I don’t want to charge HA battery every 16, 20, 24 hours. Maybe I don’t want to carry a charging kit with me when I travel over night. Maybe I don’t want to deal with power outages and charging units that don’t (repeat don’t) dry hearing aids properly. You buy a $3000 hearing aid and think a bogus drying capsule is going to do the job in hot summer months with high humidity. Think again.

So though it appears I’m knocking the “recharge battery fad” in reality I’m really sticking up for those HA users who (1) like disposable HA batteries, (2) like the idea that disposable HA batteries can be purchased anywhere, (3) understand that disposable HA batteries are cheap and best of all last a long time if they are size 13 and 675.

And now even Widex is going to force HA users to go the recharge cell technology route later this year with liquid injection. Big plus only take 30 seconds or less. Big negative you have to do it every 24 hours and have your liquid inject kit with you. Widex might blow away the “faithful recharge battery group” but your HA will still only work 24 hours and then die - if you have no fuel for recharge. Think how many older people will forget to recharge their aids and then be in the woods for several hours/days - what ever wondering where the heck disposal batteries went.

So long disposable batteries - we hardly knew ya.


I’m a little confused by all this. HA’s still offer disposable batteries. I’ve been reading here that people can get several days from them with lots of use.
I agree with you about rechargeables. Not interested.


I have regular hearing aids with 312 batteries and even stream for hours each day. I am getting 4 to 5 days out of the batteries.

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Well then you are doing pretty well since most 312 batteries last 4 - 5 days with no streaming. I bet though you’re not streaming much and your dominate HA battery won’t last 5 days, if you’re wearing them 12 hours a days (plus).

I get 7 sometimes 8 days with 312s, no streaming.

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I wear my aids on average 15 hours a day, and stream on average 5 hours a day. And I have my iPhone with me from the time I get up to I go to bed. My aids are paired to my iPhone, iPad, the TV connect, and connect clip. My connect clip is paired to my computer and Apple Watch.

Not sure what’s to be confused about. Phonak Marvel only offers one HA using a size 13 disposal battery. Just one. M-13T Widex only offers one size 13 battery HA for Evoke. Just one. The 675 battery for new HA’s (2018 on) does not exist though I have not checked all HA brands. By far the majority of HA users have a mild to mid range loss so HA manufacturers think the smaller batteries are the way to go.

I totally disagree with that thinking and think every HA user should have the benefit of using a large to extra large battery if they want power 8, 10, 12 days straight. Without charging a thing,

Ok. And I would prefer as small as physically possible while getting several days from whatever battery. I’m not interested in hanging a car battery over my ear :slight_smile:
I get as many days as I don’t recall when I last switched a battery. Maybe my memory is going. But nor do I do any streaming. I have the 312’s. I have a telecoil but I rarely use it.
In a couple years when my health benefits come up again I’ll most likely get HA’s with all the possible connectivity options of the day. It’s lookin’ pretty good for more open connectivity even now.
Again…I agree with you on rechargeables.


I get 7+ days with my Opn1-312. No music streaming. Few calls but an hour of skype weekly.

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I’m lucky to get about 2.5 days now after last check up on 312 batteries!

I wear custom ITE hearing aids so the smaller batteries are all I can expect. I personally don’t like the BTE hearing aids

Although it wouldn’t surprise me to have disposal batteries largely disappear, we’re not their yet. 675s are still available in ultrapower BTEs. 13s are quite common in RICs that expect a lot of streaming. I do expect it will eventually happen though. Most electronic devices use rechargeable batteries. Initially they were user replaceable, but that has become very rare.

I’ve used size 10 through size 695 batteries. I know how long they last with normal HA use. No streaming, cell use, etc. There is a huge difference between size 10, 312 battery life and size 13 and 695 battery. You want a short lived battery (non rechargeable) then by a 10 and kiss it goodbye in three days. You want a 4/5 day battery then the 312 is your baby. Seems HA manufactures are saying - buy recharge HA or suck it up. And one other “important factor” also take in when buying batteries of any kind. Your HA will work better and you will hear better with fresh/strong batteries that can hold a solid charge for a long time. And what I mean by that is as the battery starts to weaken towards its end point, say (day 3 for 10 size battery) or say (day 5 for a 312) your HA will not function as well and you won’t hear as well due to battery draining down towards its end point.

Personally I’d rather have a battery that lasts a long time knowing the last day “of life” it won’t fully function fully like when it was new. So those using small disposable batteries - beware to change batteries sooner versus later or your hearing level will drop.

I have been using hearing aids for 15 years, always 312 batteries and I never notice any difference in my aids from first putting new batteries in up to the point I get the beeping that my batteries are readying to die. That is the design of the hearing aid batteries.

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I’ve been told by many many Audi’s that a HA will drop in performance as a hearing aid battery weakens. Makes sense to me.

That thing about power outages: We recently had a power outage in my neighborhood. My hearing aids were in the charger at the time. When the power went off they automatically connected with my cellphone. My phone rang and it took me a bit to realize why I couldn’t hear them at all. (Fortunately, all I had to do was turn the Bluetooth off, but it was “interesting”)

Adding this on 04/28/19. Kind of a variation of a power outage–apparently I didn’t get my left aid positioned quite right on the charger, so the battery was dead this morning. Rather than just wearing the right one by itself I decided to wear my old Widex Dreams–they use disposable batteries by the way–They worked fine, but the full shell ITE was quite a different feeling from a slim tip RIC. (These were supposed to be the first MFI hearing aids, but still required a streamer that I never got.

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I wonder if there were the same laments when DSP came along to replace analog - it was all a conspiracy with a new and as yet unproven technology being forced on the happy analog users. Soon there were going to be no more analogs and I won’t be able to get my beloved HA’s replaced or fixed and I’ll be forced to buy expensive digitals with a whole bunch of features I have no use for.

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I don’t know what was happening at the time, but we still have an occasional forum member that longs for the analog days.

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Maybe the oxymoron in my humor is that a truly happy analog user (feedback issues) was hard to find!

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Kate and I both got our rechargeable Marvel M90-R’s on Dec 26th. We automatically went with rechargeable because everything else we have is rechargeable, our smart phones, our laptop computers, our tablets. We have Power Banks that will recharge our devices several times over. We have spare Marvel chargers we keep in the car, wife’s purse, etc. Our house electricity is backed up by a standby generator. And in 4 months of Marvel ownership neither one of us has ever run out of battery in a day’s use. Everything we have is put on their chargers and recharged every night. We’re pleased with our rechargeable devices, including our Marvels. We really wouldn’t want the nuisance of having to keep track of disposable batteries for any of our devices, including our HA’s.

Fortunately, there’s something for everybody and quite obviously “Your Mileage May Vary”! :smile: