Wax Guard Protection for CIC

Hi all.

I am after comment on the benefits of different wax guard systems in particular for the Nitro CIC 128/70?

Because the C-Guard system is not available for the larger Nitro matrix what is a good wax protection system.

The options according to Siemens Australia are:

  1. Wax Guard a flip-top lid arrangement.
  2. Extended Tube
  3. Wax Spring
  4. Extended tube with wax spring.

Many thanks.


The C-Guard is the better of the lot, but considering the depth of the canal needed for nitro, you’d probably find any of the extended receiver tube options uncomfortable. So maybe a was flap could work. They each have ther pro’s and cons and you’ll probably get as many opinions as there are wax systems.:slight_smile: It really depends on what your ear is like - Do you have much wax, what is the consistency and at what depth is it produced?

I have no idea. How do I find out?

Maybe ask the audi that took you impressions what wax management system they would use. I tend to like the wax flap more than the wax spring as it is easier for the user to clean.

Anyone using wax guards should have a look at the new Widex Nanocare wax guards.

They fit any aid with a 2mm receiver hole and they are really well designed with their nano coating which repels moisture and ear wax. (i.e. They don’t stick to the coating.)

My Siemens Nitros came with a very simple Siemens wax guard which have quite large gaps; which allow ear wax to enter the receiver hole. I tried the Widex Cerustop Guards and they too have reasonbaly large gaps.

The Widex NanoCare system has a a fine nano coated mesh with 12 tiny holes in it. (Imagine a 1.5 mm diameter mesh with 12 holes!)

Best I have seen, but still probably not as effective as the Siemens C-Guard system which has a sealed cover which prevents moisture and wax from entering the receiver hole. Nanocare is certainly the next best!!

Will work on some pics showing the three wax guard systems, but because they are so small, clear images are difficult!

Watch this space!!


Thank you LAURA2008 - who first commented on the Nanocare wax guards on this forum.

“Widex states its new nano-coated system, developed jointly with the Danish Technological Institute, actively repels matter away from the receiver. Just one molecular layer of approximately 2nm in thickness possesses both super hydrophobic (resistant against moisture) and super olephobic (resistant against earwax) properties, preventing the long term migration of moisture and earwax into the receiver, while also remaining acoustically transparent.”