Wax Filter for Oticon miniRite OPN 2


I tried to order the correct Oticon wax filter without success. I learned that there are at least three models of various sizes, and none of them have specifically listed dimensions or model numbers. In the linked photo, the filter on the left is correct, and comes in a gray box named “NoWax.” The other two Oticon filters, named ProWax and ProWax miniFit are too large and too small, respectively. One would think that the miniFit filter would fit a hearing aid named “miniRite,” but it does not.

In my view, this ambiguity is completely Oticon’s fault; they don’t even provide a filter name or model number in the manual. So… can somebody provide me with the correct model for the miniRite OPN 2? Better yet would be a link to the product on, say, Amazon or eBay. Thanks.

Oticon filters
Oticon filter boxes


Take a look at this


My OPN 1 came with the ProWax miniFit filters and they work fine for my receivers.

Not sure why it’d be too small for yours. That’s weird.


in this photo, I am holding up a ProWax miniFit wax filter next to the filter that installs correctly in my OPN2 miniRITE-T. It is very slightly too small. The removal tool is way too small.

miniFit filter compared to OPN 2 miniRITE installation


what receiver size are you using? It doesn’t look like the 85dB receiver but it’s hard to tell from that angle. Also, are you using custom molds? It looks like custom molds.

The ProWax miniFit filter fits my 85dB receiver just fine.


Well, duh. That’s my bad. I am indeed using custom ear molds, so it’s not really Oticon’s fault that the filters don’t fit. I’ll get with my audiologist’s office next Monday, and have them sort it out.