Watersports and hearing aids

Such a compatible combo, right?

I am young (college age) and have had hearing aids since I was 3. I really want to get into kayaking and sailing but I am worried about my hearing aids and how they will work with these activities My school has many water-sports related clubs that I am really interested in. I know that with kayaking I would have to take my hearing aids, but it would be really awkward to be out on the water and not be able to communicate with fellow kayakers. Are there any waterproofing options available to protect the aids while kayaking?

Also, sailing would involve a variety of small/large boats. I have been out on the water before with my aids in, but sailboats, especially small ones, like to tip over/capsize. Would a waterproof container work for this? If I think I am getting wet I can slip the aids into that real quick before I take a plunge.

I really want this to work, but I am joining these clubs for the social aspects, so I feel that taking my hearing aids out is not an option. I have moderate hearing loss, so I can hear people if they talk in a normal voice and are near me, but I have difficulty with long range sounds.

Anyone have an advice/suggestions for this dilemma?

people often mistake the word water resistant with waterproof… some aids like the rion (many years ago)
where water resisitant…

Hi MCS5280

I did a Google search for “waterproof hearing aid”, and got some hits.

One is called the Hunter. Take a look at:

I also saw mention of the Lotus from Eurion (here’s an article):

I don’t know a thing about either one (just found the hits in Google), but they might be better than nothing. Good luck.