Waterproof Hearing Aid Options


I emailed them to get a quote and send audiogram. They sent me back an invoice at discounted price. Maybe I got lucky? But I would try it.


^^^gelder7, is your wife able to adjust anything on these waterproof aids? Do they have a program button? A volume up/down button?

I guess I’d wonder if the factory pre-set based on my audiogram would actually work for me? My aud-guy here in the USA would likely not have the software to fine-tune or adjust a pair of Rion aids. Sending them back and forth to Japan also seems sub-optimal. But these aids are STILL in my dreams!

I swim in the pool a lot, and would SO love to hear if need be. Currently, I just tell the lifeguard on duty that without my aids, they’ll need to bonk me on the head to get my attention. Seriously, a bullhorn will not work. Indeed, there came a day when the lifeguard either genuinely needed me to shift over a lane or maybe wanted to see if I was like “for real”? He beaned me on the head with a styrofoam bat … and got my attention PDQ. :persevere: