Waterproof Hearing Aid Options


The watertight system would need to allow enough air in to work with the batteries and it seems to be much easier in a incredibly small space. Perhaps they can invent a battery that lasts a few years at full charge that can go into water without shorting out.


Just an afterthought: but don’t the Lyric aids work with some water exposure? I thought one could wear them in the shower daily? Not saying you could snorkel in salt water for an hour … but at least for those with minor loss, they may feel comfortable wearing the Lyric while kayaking, stand-up-paddleboarding, or some sport that would not involve total immersion in water for a long period of time. Bummer that with my loss, the Lyric is simply not an option … unless I want to go around asking “HUH?! Whadya say?” all day long.


The last I heard, and this was about 4 years ago, Lyric was coming out with a waterproof version. However, Lyric isn’t something one could just pop in and out for water activities. You can take it out but only an audiologist can insert it (because it comes within 4mm of the eardrum). Users purchase a subscription and make about 4 trips per year to an audiologist to change the battery. But if Lyric works for someone, then this could be a waterproof option.

Here is a nice (but outdated) article about the Rion HB54 waterproof hearing aid. There is an American distributor of Rion hearing aids located in Illinois.



^^^ Wow. Incredible that the article does include a link to worldwide dealers, and at the time of publication ONE - yes (1) - dispenser in DeKalb, IL was listed for the entire USA. I will definitely research more on this option as it would be SO AMAZING if I could get back into water sports HEARING instead of FEARING!

When my hubs just laughs off my concerns, I tell him: “Stuff your ears with with earplugs. Then do water sports and see how confident you feel.” It’s a subtle thing, but I simply don’t feel comfortable doing activities with ZERO input through my ears. I suppose Helen Keller would be bolder, and maybe even take up stand-up paddleboarding today … but I am not HER. She is a legend. I am ordinary.

Yes, I also learned the downside of the Lyrics from two audiologists: even battery changes would have to be done by them. In the many decades that I’ve worn aids, there are occasions when a battery is defective! Yeah, I can just see me at a Shinto shrine in Japan and the left aid goes DEAD. I’m thousands of miles from home, and in a country where English is not the #1 language. I guess I’m relieved that I’m simply TOO DEAF to be fit with Lyrics. :slight_smile:


My wife has profound hearing loss, years ago she got lifeguard certified (100 meter swim and deep water rescue) in her waterproof hearing aid I found online when no audiologist could. Bummer, she lost it, and I am having trouble remembering the brand. Looked like the HB-54 Rion maybe??


^^^ That is an impressive accomplishment for any swimmer - and your wife being certified with the waterproof aid is positively inspiring! I don’t suppose she saved any of the original paperwork, manual or even the box it came in?

I guess I’m lucky to have an Android-streaming aid let alone waterproof AND streaming… I’d be dreaming!

I’d gladly settle for waterproof aids that sound crappy - any help in hearing while in water would be an improvement for me over NO aids worn.


I agree about the need even if sound crappy. We have kids that require mom to hear in the pool.
Not to mention relational aspect of hanging out at the lake.

I emailed the Rion company, waiting on response, I really think HB-54 was it, but no, don’t have old paperwork or anything.


This is amazing! I enjoy swimming for fitness activities and having a secondary hearing aid just for water sports would be perfect. Do you know if this can handle profound levels of hearing loss up to 100 dB? Googling online doesn’t show how much amplification these Rion devices are capable of.


Somebody DO let us know about the possible Rion waterproof aid! I wouldn’t care if it helped me hear a FIRE ALARM. No kidding, my hearing is so bad that if one went off when I was swimming at the rec center, I’d be the last one out of the pool - if even.

They make contact lenses to sleep with (and for all I know folks may even swim with them in), and nose plugs to keep the water out of our nostrils … so it would be nice to address US with a need to HEAR in the water. :slight_smile:

Back in the '90s Starkey was distributing these Rion aids … but like the pteradactyl, it seems they are gone. As recent as 2013, it was announced that Siemens pulled its Aquaris aids … Thanks guys! <:- /


I guess further research on Rion shows they are mainly in JAPAN. I will be there for 3 weeks next year, and would I ever LOVE to tack on a total day at the dispenser’s there to get waterproof aids - yes, even over seeing shrines, temples and other points of interest.

I wish someone with these aids in Japan would see this thread and hop on board to tell us about the waterproof aids.


Now you’ll see all the shrines.


^^^ Well, I just got off the phone with the Starkey sales line and … it turns out they NO longer distribute any waterproof aid. I just left it with a suggestion to let their product development team know there is a LOT of interest out here for such a product. But for now we are swimmin’ DEAF and defenseless. Feh.


I spoke with the Rion’s USA distributor that is listed and they informed me that they stopped selling Rions… :frowning: Not sure who sells these domestically in USA for these waterproof aids or if there are viable substitutes.


^^^^ G R O A N. Thanks for checking out that line of inquiry, gkumar. Geez. Maybe I’ll fashion a pair of waterproof ear trumpets to stick in each ear and swim with them. A headband with two plastic funnels comes to mind. We’re on our own in the mad scientist’s laboratory to configure what we need to get the job done. }:- /


OK y’all, I finally took a risk and ordered the HP-54 from a company in Singapore. I was fearful they would be an internet scam, but sent $ via paypal thinking my wife enjoying the pool was worth the risk. Guess what. I got an HB-54 delivered for under $600. It worked!
She has not had the chance to swim yet (we got it yesterday).


Hey, wanted to let you know the HB-54 from Singapore worked! She swam several laps with it and we played water basketball for a while. She heard us the whole time.


THIS IS PHENOMENAL news!!! For just $600 I would also take the gamble and order a pair. I love water activities but shy away from them as I am utterly deaf as a wooden OAR without my aids in.

I have a paypal account … but wonder how you got the aids programmed with your wife’s audiogram? Also, I see in the photo that these BTE aids have tubes - did that require a custom mold for the ear? (I am allergic to any molded, clear plastic.)

I would be happy to have waterproof aids for the pool - but if they worked in salt water, SO MUCH THE BETTER! :slight_smile:



Hey, she just used the little round ear piece that cane with it. She would like a custom on made
Also to clarify, i bought one , her right ear is deaf (not a pair)
I emailed them for a quote first and then Emailed them her audio gram so they could program it
Usually took 24 hours to hear back, probably from time difference
Shipped it pretty quick after I sent funds
Hope that helps
Went to the lake yesterday, she finally enjoyed family time in the water/Boat


^^^ WOW!!! This is fantastic! I am so envious of that ability to HEAR on/near/in the water. I take a real chance wearing a pair of old aids when just bobbing in an inner tube on the water …

This is really useful info that I want to follow up on. It seems that the company you worked with is legit. They seem responsive, and now your wife has a very useful device for hearing in the water.

Thanks for the info here!


uh, yeah, how did you get this for under $600 ? Current price on the zowaco website is $780.