Watched a movie without needing subtitles!

Last night I watched a movie for the 1st time in years without subtitles! The Phonak TV Connector, paired with my KS10s, provided super clear sound and I was able to understand speech without needing subtitles. I got the speaker output perfectly in sync with the sound streamed to the aids and used the EasyLine app to adjust the balance so that I could hear the speakers but got additional clarity streamed via the TV Connector. I’m very excited!


I have an Oticon adapter for TV streaming and like it very much but I still need the CC with Netflix. I know of no way to change the speaker output. Can you explain this please? Thank you

The audio source might have an option to adjust lip-sync. There are different terms used. The tv itself might (mine doesn’t). Or an external amp (mine does).
I’m getting fitted with KS10’s this afternoon and already have a bluetooth transmitter (not TV Connector) that is connected to optical out from the tv which has so far shown to be pretty sync’d with another bluetooth receiver and headphones. Even my old ClearSounds neck loop receiving via bluetooth seemed mostly alright but I think there was a slight lag.
So we’ll see.

I have my Roku and dvd player going into the TV, then an hdmi cable going from the tv to my av receiver. The TV Connector is connected to the tv optical out jack. The Vizio tv has an adjustment they call “lip sync” (may be called something else on other brands). Using that adjustment, I was able to get both outputs in perfect sync - no echo!

If I get to the point of needing captions to watch TV or a movie I will just read a book.


As the kids say - I know, right? :slight_smile:

Using captions is a skill. Once you get good at watching and reading simultaneously, it does become more enjoyable, but it’s a bit of a slog to get there.

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I have just had the same experience as jackmarp2, I have KS 10s and bought a TV Connector [Phonak] on ebay. I have a Samsung TV which uses an external box for all the connectors [with a single cable into the actual TV] and it has 2 USB ports. I can plug into the optical output and use the USB port for power so that the device powers on with the TV and have no cables on display.
The audio is set to Dolby and I could adjust the audio delay to achieve perfect sync with the receiver sound. The result was very clear speech through the HAs and surround sound effects from the receiver, I am super pleased.
While before I could hear the news and documentaries OK, I had difficulty with movies and effect heavy programs and even needed CC for complex plot films. Now I can follow even the mumbled speech in background noise no problem.
The only hassle I have is muting, either for ads or when I dont need help listening and the TV is on. Right now I have to long press the up switch to mute/unmute which is awkward. I’m going to get Costco to program the tap command as a streaming mute later this week which I hope will fix even this little annoyance.
This is a huge improvement for me as subtitles are a pain for everyone watching not just for me, so yes, I am excited about this :grinning:


Well, I read books every day of my life, can’t do without. Been using CC on TV for about 20 years now and couldn’t have watched or heard without. It would still be nicer to be able to hear the dialogue a little better.


I read daily too, I have read 9 books in January, have been reading on 4 other books. I am not a fast reader.

Ok that is good but you should realize that using CC is not a hardship, in fact I’m very grateful for it. I am also grateful to you as I always read your comments and in fact you introduced me to using a TV connector with my Oticon and I was thrilled by the use. Anyway I am very accustomed to CC and need it badly to understanding dialogue especially on Netflix. Always trying to improve though.


I am not ready to give into using captions. I do sometimes use text to speech to read books while I follow along reading the book. It helps me improve my word recognition skills.

Similar experience here. P90s with a TV Connector v2. Love it. Use the optical out from my Samsung TV, into an optical splitter. One feed goes to TV Connector. The other into my surround sound amp/receiver. No delays. No lip sync issues. Works perfect.


I have the Costco TV Link for $99 and it is excellent vs $300 for Phanak …


I have sometimes still needed to use CC, depending on the human speaker’s voice level, and on the accent/dialect of the speech.

Thanks for your comments. You’ve helped me.

I‘ve tried it once, but it won’t work with me. Subtitles are substantial for me no matter what. I wear Phonak Naida B30 UP and Streamer.

I love your Scrabble icon. I play a game every week with my adult son but we are just in the 300 scoring and nothing like the tournament players who use words that are unknown and never heard of.

There are also two manual settings for the TV Connector in the Target software. Either just manual by using the buttons to select the TV Connector program (last program) or manual with a beep which gives a beep when the TV sound is detected. You can then select the TV sound in your HA by double tapping within 15 seconds.

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