Watch with vibrate & security alarm


Hi Guys
I was wondering if anyone knows of a watch that has a strong Alarm vibrate function and a wifi connection that will vibrate if my security alarm goes off to wake me?

  1. First option is to be able to wake up in the morning on time.
  2. Wake up if my security alarm goes off.

I have google home so maybe I can integrate it into the watch

Any ideas will appreciate it.




Since at least 50% of the equation is what is your security alarm and how it’s connected to your home network or the Internet, it would be helpful to mention that. And whether there is an app for your security system that runs on an iOS or Android smartphone.

For example, I have a Ring Doorbell video cam. It’s sensitive to someone pressing the button or motion detection within its field of view according to zones that I can set, sensitivity, etc., in the Ring app. When there is a doorbell ring or motion detection, the Ring app on my phone will create a phone notification. My Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will pass the notification along to my Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier watch. The notification can be tuned to make a noise or vibrate, I believe

To have the alert function and real-time reaction from the doorbell and app, I don’t need to pay a subscription fee to Ring. But if I want the video cam on the doorbell to record what it sees, I need to pay Ring a $30 per year fee for cloud recording (with limited time storage of any videos recorded).

My watch can connect to my home Wi-Fi system independent of the phone but since Samsung has elected to run a special lean OS on its watches, I need the watch to interact through an Android smartphone running the Ring app, AFAIK.

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I don’t think what I have will work for you but I have the Apple Watch and have the app on my iPhone and watch that works great, and the alarm clock also works great. The watch also allows me to see who is calling me and I can accept or decline the phone calls. There are a lot of other apps that really does help me with my hearing loss including the remote for my hearing aids

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Thanks guys for that info, appreciate it.
Just wonder which watch to get that has a good vibrate alarm and a wifi connection. I would intergrate my Home assistant ( Home automation ) or IFTTT ( gets Apps & devices talking to each other ) to talk to my watch via wifi to send alert.

So its basically looking for a good watch that would assist or if there are other ideas that people use that are also hard of hearing.

Just had flu and can not believe how bad my hearing is after the flu, not sure whats happened.

Thanks guys for your help and time.