Watch Remote for Phonak Solana - Available?

I’m ready to buy another remote for my Phonak Solana Aids. I had a PilotOne and lost it – and I Really miss it. I went to the Phonak Site, but for the Sonana model, it only shows the PilotOne and MyPilot as remotes. I can get another PilotOne for around $200, but I’m afraid I’ll just loose it again. :confused: I want a watch remote (so it will always be on my arm and I won’t have to worry about leaving it everywhere). I’m one of those kind of people who has three cups of coffee every morning (two of them are sitting half-full on other people’s desks while I’m on my third).:o

I quit wearing the PilotOne on my belt because it frequently popped off or slid out of the case and fell to the floor. And I never seem to have a pocket that is not full of change and other stuff that might scratch up the remote. So, I find myself laying it down everywhere I go. When not in use (hardly ever) I keep it in my shirt pocket, but I don’t like that because my phone is in that pocket also. I’ve been without it for over a month, and it’s really missed. And if someone finds it, they probably will not know what it is.

The Phonak Watch Remotes shown on the web site are listed for aids that use the core chip. My Audi was about to order me the watch remote to try out when I showed her it wasn’t listed on the Solana page. So now we do not know if there is a watch remote available that works with the Spice chip in newer Phonak hearing aids. If she had called Phonak right then, she would have been on hold for a while.

I’d love to know more about the watch remotes for the Phonak Solana if anybody has more information.:slight_smile:

Good news & bad news :frowning:

Good news: Phonak have a watch remote here.

Bad news: According to this chart, it does not work with the Solana.


Thanks for the chart! I don’t know that I will spend $200 to loose another PilotOne. My Audi says that the watches are very big and thick, but I haven’t seen one.

And I wonder, does anyone know if Phonak has any plans to make a watch remote that will work with the Spice chip hearing aids? I’d sure be interested in getting one – I’ll just have to be sure to rob a different bank next time (only kidding ;)).

My audi called me today and is ordering me a watch remote to try out. She talked with someone that told her it would work with the Solana. Not sure if it was someone from my audi’s main office, or a Phonak rep. I’ll post an update when I find out for sure.

I now have a WatchPilot2 on my arm, and it does work with my Solana hearing Aids. I got a lot of conflicting information concerning the watch remote. It seems that not everyone, even at Phonak, is up to date on their products! I have an e-mail from a Phonak customer service representative telling me the watch remote would not work with my solanas – but she was wrong. As it turns our my audi WAS right–the WatchPilot2 does work with my solana aids.

Here’s the trick. Even though the WatchPilot2 does not show up with a little watch icon like the other devices in Target (Phonak’s software), it uses the same remote control feature that is found in SmartLink, which is an advanced FM/Bluetooth device with selectable microphone pick-up patterns. The remote control feature in Smartlink and the WatchPilot2 is compatible with most Phonak hearing aids. Perhaps Phonak will, at some point, update Target and their hearing aid web site pages to show an icon for WatchPilot2 for the hearing aids that it works with. My Audi knew it was supposed to work so she called her technical contact at Phonak who told her to set up the watch by clicking on the “SmartLink” box, and voilla – REMOTE CONTROL! I’m excited–this one will stay put on my arm. But, I do have mixed feelings because now I have to rob another bank (only kidding). Thank you Ashley for making it work for me! Everybody needs an audi like Ashley!:slight_smile:

Sorry to mislead you.

Apparently, their chart is incorrect.

Please Don’t feel bad - Everything on Phonak’s web site screamed that it wouldn’t work. I told my audi it wouldn’t work but she ordered it anyway. I think she knew another audi that had set one up before. And, evidently audiologist’s access to technical support trumps plain old end-user customer service because she made one quick phone call to get the set up routine.

I’m a little surprised that Phonak is so poorly marketing such a great product. Even the Phonak customer service representative told me it wouldn’t work. Somebody in marketing should get a WatchPilot2 icon link on the web page of every hearing aid that it will work with. I’ll bet they would sell a lot more of them. $500 is really not a bad price when you consider the possibility of replacing a lost PilotOne remote! I had a choice of interest free financing for six months, or one year. I love watches, and I have quite a few, but I think now I’ll sell them as I will always be wearing the WatchPilot2. It works great and is the most discreet way I know of to switch between hearing aid programs and/or control the volume.

From what I’ve read on the Forum, I think Phonak has done a lot of things poorly lately.

They probably want to phase out that product.

If watchpilot2 work, then i think that key pilot2 might work too in same way… because they could use same frequency to change volume and program.
Please, could some audi try this?

Slight word of caution on this - lack of transparency in selling their accessories has never been an issue for Phonak before, so I would assume that there is reason why the Watchpilot isn’t being promoted. It could either be due to the product development side: that the firmware of the Spice will go beyond the Watchpilot, while the PilotOne has a USB for upgrades, the Watches don’t. OR more simply that the product is being discontinued due to lack of popularity and the fact that some of them weigh more than a house-brick. Manufacturers don’t ‘pull’ products from their line unless they aren’t profitable/not required.

Glad that it works well for you though.

Edit: just had a thought, it could be a patent issue too: the original Watchpilot has been out just about ten years - perhaps they want to take their expensive watch off the market before cheaper versions appear from the other manufacturers.

I don’t like Phonak politic on accessories at all. Make fools of customers. That its one big minus…

The first e-mails from the Phonak rep led me to beleive that the WatchPilot2 would not work with Phonak Solanas. But After I bought one I finally got this reply:
“We are aware the Watchpilot can be manipulated to work with the Solanas. Unfortunately since Phonak is not licensed to work direct with the consumer, we had to refer you back to you audiologist to obtain that information. Phonak still does not recommend use of remotes out side the PilotOne or the MyPilot for this unit. You will have limited access through the watchpilot2. It you have a mute function in your hearing units, you will not be able to access it. Also, you will only have access to 3 manual program, not the 5 you would with the other remotes.”

The “license” comment does not make sense: 1) My audiologist couldn’t seem to find any information on-line about The WatchPilot2 and the Solanas, but they did tell her it would work. In previous e-mails from Phonak they told me there was not a watch remote that would work with the spice chip, so I thought the WatchRemote would not work with the Solanas. 2) Why would Phonak put an e-mail address for questions concerning products on their web site if they were not going to communicate with the end user? I was led on a “wild goose chase” by Phonak.

I don’t know if the Solanas have a mute function, and I only use three programs on the aids anyway, so the watch works great for me. At $500 it seemed more cost effective than buying another $200 PilotOne since I would probably end up leaving the replacement somewhere. The watch will stay on my arm except when I am asleep.

I think it makes Phonak look like fools. It will make me think twice about buying Phonak when I need to replace the Solanas.