Watch Battery, Coin Cell Batteries and Lithium Batteries


At our hearing aid battery site, localbattery, we have been receiving more and more requests for other button cell batteries, for watches, PDA’s, car remote controls, cameras, garage door openers, etc.

Many of our customers have also requested we carry CR batteries, such as the CR2032 and other commonly used batteries.

Since localbattery was created to help primarily the hearing impaired community, we didn’t feel it would be the best place to incorporate these other batteries.

Thus, we created a new site at

We currently offer watch batteries, lithium button cell and coin cells that are 3V, car remote control batteries, garage door opener remotes, and a bunch of CR sized batteries.

If you are in need of these types of batteries, we would certainly appreciate your support.

For purposes of full disclosure, is owned by Manabe & Associates LLC, which is also the sole sponsor of this forum, via our localbattery hearing aid battery website.