Washing while wearing hearing aids - how not to

Another newbie question. How does one ensure to remember to take hearing aids out before washing, bathing etc.?

Habits I guess? In my case it was both wearing them all day every day so removing them became a habit.

Also since I have had aids since I was 2, it was also my mother putting the fear of God into me if I lost/ruined them :smile:


If you’re in the shower with the aids still in and you turn the water on, the sound will alert you to take them out.:thinking:

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How does one ensure to remember anything? How does one remember to take a shower? Just remember. Even after over 45 years of wearing a hearing aid, I still know it is in my ear and do not ever forget is is there.

I’ve forgotten a few times and took a shower with them on. But that’s just a few times in all these years. Somehow luckily I remembered as soon as I turned on the water that I still had them on.

I usually wear a watch so it’s just automatic when I take out my watch that I also take out my hearing aids. Taking off your clothes is also part of that ritual, so just make it part of the whole ritual so that it becomes so automatic that you don’t even have to think about it and just do it.

Also make it a habit of taking them off first before anything else like your watch or jewelry or clothing.

Like many have said it just becomes a habit, with me I take my hearing aids out when I get prepared to take a shower they immediately go into the storage boxes ontop of my folded clothes I think I’ve only ever almost messed up once was being rushed and stepped into the shower did a oh #$*" when I heard the water running. Parhaps if your shower schedule is at a particular time set an alarm on phone saying remove Hearing aids.

In my case it was grilled into me as a kid by my parents and a accidental dunk as a child left me without hearing aids for a week. Back then they were definitely not water resistant even to rain I learnt my lesson and haven’t have a mishap since.

Take them out at night and shower first thing in the morning before putting HAs in.

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LOL! On just a handful of occasions over the past 30+ yrs I’ve jumped in the shower with my aids IN. Nearly gives me a heart attack!

As others have observed, HEARING the water gushing down is my #1 clue. You can also keep a BRIGHT colored dish right on the counter of your bathroom so you remember to take them OUT first. O’course in humid places, you’d never want to shower with aids in the bathroom at all - too much humidity!

My bathroom humidity is way too high for HAs. I did hop in the shower with them in once on one of those occasions when my routine was altered. I wiped the aids, removed the batteries and put the aids through three long cycles on my D-dry and they have been fine since.