Was Genesis Labs now audiometrix

4 years ago I bought a pair of Rexton regattas 2 through genesis labs and had a no problem experience. having saved up for a new pair the time has come to stick the trusty regattas onto spare duty (aka something to wear while kayaking).

It seems Genesis Labs has been sold to audiometrix. Has anyone had any dealings with them sense the name change ? The rep I have been dealing with seems more like a sales rep then the last time around and corporate policy now prevents them from sending a complete price list.

the aid they recommended is the Unitron NEXT Moda II (4-8-16). has anyone had any experience or general impressions about this aid ?

I called them this past week because when I was looking at HAs almost 4 years ago I spoke to them. The person I spoke to I mentioned that the Phonak Exelia M’s were recommended and she said the comparable HA they offered was the Unitron Yuu’s. I did a quick search and really did not find much in the way of glowing reviews. So I have decided again they they are not the way to go for me.


I, too, purchased my first set of hearing aids from Genesis, about six years ago. I recently purchased my second set of hearing aids online, and since Genesis had given me such good service, I chose to stay with Audiometrix.

Come to find out, it’s the exact same people. They are now in a larger facility, but I talked with the same gentleman that I got my original aids from (Brian).

My first aids were Siemens Acuris Life. My new aids are the speaker-in-the-ear design, and they are MUCH better. More clear and no feedback. Less background noise, too. The new ones have a remote control with more features than the Siemens.

I have recommended Genesis and now Audiometrix many times over the years and have only heard positive feedback from my friends.

The only problem I ever had with Genesis was my Siemens hearing aids failed because I sweat a lot, and Genesis sent me a free electric hearing aid dehumidifier and that took care of the moisture issue. Come to think of it, that was Siemens problem, not Genesis.

If you ever call Audiometrix, I have worked with 3 main people there: Brian, Joseph and Emily. Brian seems to be the most technically qualified and I think he is one of the actual programmers. Joseph and Emily (could be “Amy”) are good, too.

I just got new aids (online) and they are very good. Much better than my old ones (got those online, too).

Old ones were the hollow tube design (Siemens Acuris Life) and the new ones are the speaker-in-the-ear design (Unitron Latitude Moxi).

New ones are more clear, with less feedback and less background noise. Actually, no feedback at all.

They came with a remote control that lets me adjust the aids for volume and for going from surround-sound to listening only forwards (for noisy environments).

So far, I love them. Anybody else trying the new Latitude Moxi?


I also would like to know experiences people have had with Audiometrix. At first glance prices seem way better than anywhere else but I wonder about adjustments and support. I have been a hearing aid user for 30 years and am still upset over the cost of aids…also has anyone tried any of the repair places online with good results?

I ended up going with the the aids from Audiometrix, The programing on the aids was excellent and am quite happy with them. I did need to visit a local fitter to get molds made, the domes just didn’t fit right . I needed to exercise the loss policy on them and it was a no drama situation. There are a couple of things I would consider before going with mail order aids.

  1. have you worn aids before ? if you are a newbie go with something local you will probably use the services of the local guy/gall

  2. is your loss stable ? My hearing loss has been pretty much unchanged for the last 30 years in contrast with my mother whos hearing loss seems to change every other week.