Warranty questions-help

I just found this site and I think it will be a big help to us! Two years ago we were told our son had hearing loss (age 3). He wears hearing aids and is doing great! His manufacturers warrenty is now expired and we need another. The clinic recommended Midwest Insurance but they dont cover general repair. A 5 year old tends to need general repairs alot!! I researched and found a company online called ESCO I dont know much about this stuff I just dont want to spend $440.00 on a scam. Has anyone used this company or can recommend another? Thank you in advance!!

Hey there…
ESCO is not a scam. We use them at our clinic occassionally. They can be expensive, but cheaper than buying new aids. If i remember correctly, if you lose them or damage, you do not have to pay a fee, such as the standard $150 with most hearing aid companies (at least we do not make our clients).

Hope this helps!!!

THanks for the info it does help. I will call them to see about just general repair fees. Iwas not aware that there could be a charge for that. I just want to make the right choice for our son-I dont want to waste money if things are not covered.