Warranty question for Phonak providers

I have a Phonak PartnerMic that I purchased online that is acting up. I bought it online a little over a year ago. If I go into Target, it shows up as being warranted until 2023. I asked Phonak if it was still under warranty and they said to contact a Phonak Provider and that they could determine it’s “True Warranty Status.” Do you have other tools besides Target to determine warranty status?

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Well that seems pretty simple. Contact a phonak provider. Like an audiologist. Maybe even Costco although I don’t know if costco has that information. My guess is they’ll check the serial number but that’s just a guess

Yeah I wonder about this, so Target shows the date of manufacture and not date of sale? So something could be manufactured in 2020 but not sold until 2021 and it would be 3 years from the date of sale, interesting.

What does Target say about warranty when you hook your PartnerMic up?

It says 3 years. It actually doesn’t say 3 years. It gives a date when the warranty expires.

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Start date wasn’t manufacture date. It was actually about a week before I ordered it. Don’t know how it was generated. I suspect seller inputs it, but don’t know.

Perhaps answered my own question. Was poking around Phonak’s pro site. If one has a login, there’s a place to request warranty status.


You would think the warranty begins upon sale and not manufactured. That’s how most warranties work

It seems odd to me that a seller would just input dates prior to selling an item. If a seller does start the warranty process it is, at least in my experience, at the moment of sale.
I wonder if your unit was sold, returned to the seller for some reason (possibly they had a problem with it) and the seller just resold it to the next person who wanted one.

We’re kind of going around in circles here. You say the warranty is good until 2023 so you have 2 years to get it fixed

Yes definitely this is how it works.

Yes absolutely at the time of sale it should be. (I guess different if it’s sold on again, or refurbished or whatever)

Remember @MDB was querying why there seems to be 2 different dates.
One in target and one from “Phonak support” or provider.

The Manual for the PartnerMic says that the device has a 1 year " International Warranty" from Phonak but a seperate paragraph refers to a “Local Warranty” the terms of which may be up to the individual seller. That is why Phonak can’t give you a date.

Sure, but the thing is,you can’t check international warranty through Target, the warranty period stated in Target is for USA local warranty, so for items sold new locally (USA)
So long as Target is installed for that country, in this case USA.

Either way you say your warranty is good until 2023. So get it fixed

My experience with Phonak is that they don’t fix - they just replace with a new one.

Well even better. So send it in