Warbling Bird

Quite astonishing experience this AM here in Nevada; had
a small bird on my back fence warbling his head off…must be spring…
maybe a mating chirp…anyway from about 50 feet I hear this warble
with unbelievable clarity & volumn…something I’ve been missing for
about 30 yrs or so…anyone know approximately what frequencies small birds warble at…seems like my Oticon’s were really picking it up well…
I’m wondering if my high freqs on the aids are set too high…my wife
, who has extra-terresteral hearing, told me the bird warble was very
high note(she’s an x-pianist) possibly off the piano scale (about 6000 Khz, I believe)…any bird experts out there?

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Fascinating !

Thank you.

Thanx…Mr TambourineMan…I’ll check these
songs out that are in the gallery…