Warble sound with Oticon Opn S 1

From time to time I would get a warble sound effect. I read in a thread here that it might be the feedback prevention that causes it.
I duplicated my default program and turned off the feedback analyzer for it. There’s still some headroom. After this change I haven’t had a single instance of warbling sound and no feedback issues.
Another pleasant side effect, is that I’m already approaching 80 hours of use (with occasional streaming) without replacing the 312 battery.

I have read that the warble is due to the feedback circuits kicking in. I haven’t heard of any of that in a while, it seems to me that there was an update for the hearing aids that was for that issue. What version of the firmware are you hearing aids. I believe 8.0 is the latest.

8.0 (filler text…) :see_no_evil:

I now wear OPN1 ITE hearing aids, but will be getting my new OPNS1-MiniRite-R in about 2 weeks. I will also be getting custom ear molds. If you are wearing open domes that could also be part of your issue.

Bass domes with double vent

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with your hearing loss I would think you have the 60 db recievers. I now have the 85db recievers in my OPN1 ITE aids. I have feedback issues mostly due to the fact that I wear ITE aids and the mic and recievers are close together and I also have vents. I will be interested to see how my new aids are going to work out. If I understood my Audi he said I was going to still have 85db recievers and due to the extra feedback circuits that I would not have the issues that I have now. But I am still a couple of weeks away from getting my aids.

I have the 85db receivers

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I am not sure why you are getting the issue then. That makes me worry that my new aids will give me issues.

Got 85 hours, 20 hours more than advertised, when disabling feedback shield.