Wanting to buy a new hearing aid for use with my AB cochlear implant


I am interested in trying out different hearing aid brands,

This happened to me when I got the first implant. I believe it was more that the hearing aid was not putting out enough gain. A couple months later I got the second implant.

I have a AB Q90 CI and a Phonak Naida Link M hearing aid - i’m bi-modal.

However, they dont talk to each other right now. I’m waiting for an upgrade to the latest and greatest unit, the M90 CI, which does communicate with the Link M hearing aid to turn them into one combined hearing system. If you have the opportunity to upgrade your CI - now may be the time as the next generation just came out.

I came from a dual-set of Oticon OPN-1s’s and for me, severely HOH, I find the phonak works better for me in general (but the Oticon noise reduction seems like it was better). If you’re not intending to get the two to communicate as a system, you’re free to pick any hearing aid you want on the other side, and its best to demo out the different units to see which work best for you with your audi.

I’m bimodal with Cochlear N7 & Resound Enzo 3D. I can’t answer any questions regarding AB. But with my N7 &3D to get them to “talk” to each other, my Cochlear Aud had to pair them together on the mapping computer. My aid Aud wasn’t aware of this, and they wouldn’t stream or “talk” to each other.

If I was you I’d be making an appointment to speak to an AB representative, that person would know the ins and outs and be in the best position to advise you. Because your implant is an old one you could well need ALD’s to get the absolute best from your device, eg Compilot which is a BT devise. Or you might be best to upgrade your processor as that’s very old as well. Good luck.

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She has the C1 implant so no hearing aid will talk to the Chorus (think that’s the name) processor.

This is the latest processor that’ll work with the C1 implant.


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Do you know what a good range of price is for one hearing aid? How much do you think is too much to pay?

What CI processor are you using now?
What hearing aid are you using now?
You have good questions that should be answered by your audiologist.
Sharing your audiogram would help us help you concerning the hearing aid.

I am getting a hearing test this week.
I am asking an audiologist but would like opinions.

Not familiar with your implant or processor so I looked AB up for information.
I believe you have the Clarion C 1.0 implant and the Harmony processor. If I understand this correctly the C1 implant will only work with the Harmony processor. The newer Nadia Q processor needs the C2 implant or newer implants.

Connectivity for the C1 implant and Harmony processor is:

  • T-Mic™ : An in-the-ear microphone for hearing in noisy environments and gaining effortless access to cell phones, consumer audio electronics, and more.
  • iConnect Adapter™ : Provides cable-free access to the most advanced Phonak FM receivers commonly used in schools.
  • Direct Connect™ Earhook : Provides access to a variety of assistive-listening devices via a detachable cable with a 3.5 mm stereo socket.
  • Standard Earhook : Serves to hold the processor on the ear if you utilize the built-in microphone on your processor.
  • T-Coil: Provides wireless connectivity to induction-loop systems and compatible phones.

AB doesn’t mention any hearing aid compatibility. Guessing you would do whatever for a hearing aid on the non implanted side. You mentioned severe/profound hearing loss. Is that a flat, ski slope, reverse hearing loss? Pending on the type hearing loss you have will say a lot about what hearing aid choices you have.

Let us know and we will try to help.

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If you are anywhere near a Costco they are open on weekends. I don’t believe they are familiar with your CI but they may be able help you with the hearing aid. They do proper fittings with REM too. Costco usually sell aids in pairs but might help you with one.

Good luck with this.

And the Chorus processor.

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Hello, so the audie is recommending Phonak but would let me try Oticon if I wanted to.

Do you need membership to see a HA specialist there?

If you are talking about Costco, yes.
Here in the USA it is $60 a year.
I don’t know if Costco will sell only one hearing aid. You would need to ask before joining Costco.

One thing about getting a newer aid is Bluetooth compatibility. A couple things I like with Bluetooth is the ability to use a smart phone and watch TV.

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It $60 a year in Australia as well to be a member.

Costco will sell a Resound for a Cochlear here in Aus. So hopefully the will sell a KS10 for an AB.