Wanting custom earmolds which is being discouraged

As I’ve pointed out above (twice) this isn’t inherently the case with hearing aids. Open fitting is HUGE part of current hearing aid design and offers way better acoustic comfort and initial user acceptance.

We provide them free with your purchase. Domes are also inherently cleaner and user replaceable. There’s nothing temporary about the 75/80% of people who use them all the time.


Kate and I both have Phonak Marvel M90-R and went to the expense of being fitted for and trying molds because of the forum. We didn’t like them and we both went back to our domes. Count us in the 75/80% of dome users.


i received my k9 molds one week ago. while the molds are very comfortable to wear, the wax plug is smaller than the normal k9. It comes mounted on a plastic pick. they clogged in 3 days, where as the plugs in my regular k9 were 6 months old and going strong. The transmitter in the mold is much longer to reach deeper in the ear. music frequencies are much better. we will have to watch the wax issues.

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Years ago I had smooth-as-silk perfect fit hard Slim-Tip molds from Phonak that were like perfect jewels that slipped right into my canals without a lock and never came out of my ears until I removed them each night. In fact I liked them a lot better than the top-of-the-line $7000 Phonaks they plugged into back then.
Around Thanksgiving 2019 I got Phonak soft Slim-Tips with canal locks for my new KS9s from Costco which seemed fine with the unseasonably warm weather we were having back then. But starting in January as the weather got cooler, first the left one and now both of them slip partway out about 15 minutes after insertion. The canal locks don’t stay in my canals and stick partway out of my ears.
I don’t know whether they were made too small or whether the softer material is at fault or whether the addition of canal locks is the problem but it is disappointing. Been putting off a trip back to Costco Hearing but am going to have to.

I don’t know if this applies. There is a tape to put on molds to shim them up tighter. It is possible your nearest HA-dealer would slip you a couple strips for free/cheap, without a drive to Costco. I’ve also seen it online, but can’t recall the exact name of the stuff.


Comply Soft Wraps
Phonak Stick N Stay ($45 for 30 pair!!)

Thank you for those suggestions. I checked the Phonak wraps on their website and they indicate that they are designed and shaped and intended to hold the hearing aid snug against the side of one’s head behind the ear, something I don’t have a problem with. (That would explain their shape.)
As for the other one, I can’t imagine how I could wrap those softwraps around my molds, which are of course irregularly shaped just like the inside of my canals. There was this question and answer posted on that item:
" will softwrap keep aid from slipping out?"
asked on September 13, 2017
“No…it is a cushion between the aid and your ear if the hearing aid is rubbing”
Sounds like it would be messy trying to keep this wrapped around the mold, but I will check with my fitter at Costco since the store is less than a mile away.
I feel as if the flexibility of the mold material is what is allowing the canal locks to pop out of the natural curve of the shell of my ear, pulling the mold part way out, thus doing the opposite of what the lock is supposed to do. It’s not locking the earmold itself into place but instead is pulling it outward. The same may be true of the earmold itself. The soft material is wiggly and also maybe too small and provides no “grip” against the inside of my ear.

Occlusion (that stuffed feeling) is common with ear tips that are too large AND closed-fit (meaning un-vented). If your hearing profile is moderate to severe, you’re going to need to stay with closed-fit, but may try using a smaller diameter to decrease the sensation of pressure in your ear canal. Your ear wax build-up is immaterial. Unless your hearing loss is severe, custom earmolds won’t improve your comfort much, and in most users, feel even MORE occluded, unless the vents are about 1/2 the overall canal dimensions. I don’t know if Costco is even set up to make custom earmolds (one more reason why I would never recommend them).

If your hearing loss is mild/moderate, you can try using a more open tip, but be warned: feedback will become an issue with increasing power, so the more profound your hearing loss, the less likely you will be able to use open fit or well-ventilated ear tips. They are easy to replace yourself.

If you can’t get a variety of ear tips from Costco, try finding some Rexton tips online.

Costco is set up to make custom earmolds.