Wanted Noahlink or Hi-pro USB

I am looking for a Noahlink or Hi-pro USB (or Hi-Pro 2) so I can program my Phonak V90 aids. I have been programming my Q90s with an Icube but need an Icube II for the V90s and cannot find one. I tried a Chinese clone Hi-pro, but it would not connect to the aids. No problem with connecting with windows, but Target would not see the aids.

You need to use CS44a cables for Phonak (not standard CS44 cables) or use a DIY converter.
You don’t need Noah for anything except maybe building an Ark.

I have the Phonak branded CS-44a cables. I bought a Chinese hi-pro but it did not work. It would connect to Windows (7) and Target could connect to the HiPro (tried it on 3 different computers) but the Target software could not detect my V90 or my Q90 aids. I have successfully used the ICube to program my Q90 aids, but of course I need ICubeII for the V90s and cannot find it. I figured the NoahLink would work, or a real Hi-Pro if I can find either.

You say those things like they are true! Prove that you have CS44a cables. Use a multi-meter to test pins 1 thru 4. It’s not that difficult. Read the >> DIY converter << thread. I think you will find that you have CS44 cables (not CS44a cables).

You figured wrong on both counts.

You don’t need Noah for anything except maybe building an Ark. Is there an echo in here?
Chinese Hi-Pros works the same as real Hi-Pros.

Be careful you don’t purchase a counterfeit NOAHlink:


We have had this BS argument before about the counterfeit NOAHlink warning.

Also, all self programmers are thieves.
Also, (this was the initial argument long ago) It’s dangerous!!
Let’s see, what else can we dredge up to obfuscate or cast a cloud of doubt over self programming.

The USB Hi-Pros from EBay work very well. They do!!

Just use the right cables for Phonak and you will be fine.


I did check the cables and pins 3 and 4 are reversed from the CS-44 cables. I am an electrical engineer and looked at that problem carefully as I STRONGLY suspected the cables. In fact I checked them several times just to be sure all four wires were continuous and not broken somewhere between the connectors. The cables I had were even branded Phonak and came in a package labled CS-44a, still, I checked them and confirmed they were, in fact the correctly wired cables. I used the DIY converter thread to get the details on the pin arrangement.

I didn’t know you were well prepared. Many aren’t.

Try this…
Under Target/Tab=Fitting Device turn off NOAHLink, iCube, iCube II, and Lyric programming wand
Enable HI-PRO
Check HI-PRO configuration
Check Connection (it should come back with a serial number of the HI-PRO)

I did this procedure. Target does indeed find the connection and display the serial number of the Hi-Pro. The only issue is that Target cannot see the aids and connect to them, either the Q90s or the V90s. I am using Target 4.1.1 (the latest). The cables have BOTH bee checked pin to pin with a VOM and confirmed to be correct for CS-44a with all four pins verified properly terminated. By al rights, the connection to the aids should have been found. I have managed to get the left V90 to connect momentarily to Target, but only long enough to see the aid info and the profile for that aid. When I tried to look at the program the aid was currently using (not actually changing anything), it lost connection and would never connect after that. The aids worked fine in both ears with the cables attached, so I know for certain the cables were making the connection to the aids. Target was Never able to see the Q90 aids.

When you say “I did this procedure” I am assuming that you have disabled/turned-off all the other fitting devices (NOAHLink, iCube, iCube II, and Lyric programming wand) leaving only the HI-PRO fitting device enabled.

Too bad you don’t have access to a proven-working HI-PRO to test swapping this device.

Perhaps your seller will swap it for one that is tested-working?

Yes, by “I did this procedure” I did exactly what you suggest, turned off all other fitting devices. Target responded exactly as you say, and came up with the serial number of the Hi=Pro. Everything acted as if no cables were connected or the wrong cables were connected. However, the cables WERE connected and the aids were powered, I could hear the aids working, and the cables were confirmed by VOM to be wired per the CS-44a wiring with pins 3 and 4 reversed. Iwas able to return the unit but had no way to try the whole thing with a known good Hi=Pro.