Wanted: CS44A Size 10 Programming Cables for Phonak

Looking for a pair of CS44A Size 10 Phonak programming cables. Looked on eBay but only see a left one.


??? Am I missing something? I dont see a pair of size 10 cables.

Oh, I didn’t catch that you were looking for the battery pill style.

No worries. But yeah, I need cables for a pair of virto b70 titanium hearing aids.

These may work, hard to say if they are the cs44a for phonak tho


Those are not likely to work because it looks like they are designed to fit inside the battery door. The Phonak adapters (not sure what to call them) are designed to replace the battery door. You remove the battery door first before inserting the adapters. Remember which battery door left/right goes with which hearing aid when you reassemble. Below is a picture of the 312 size.

I can help if this is still an issue