Want to replace my Phonak MicroPowers

I’ve been struggling with new Phonak MicroPowers for a couple months. (I’m not sure which model they are…my audiologist said I have the middle level of the three available.)

I’ve had a series of problems with them. One went dead, then they repaired it. It came back and worked, but not nearly as well as previously. She returned it again and they replaced it. The new one didn’t work at all. They replaced it again and it worked fine.

Now, the other one is acting up. I put it in today and it clicked several times, but didn’t work. I tried a new battery…still dead. I took the battery out for a couple hours and tried it again, and it worked, but not as well as before.

When these things are working, I really like them. I’m not crazy about the way the domes tend to slip a bit out of my canals, but I can live with that, given the good sound quality.

I don’t use the custom molds. I use the soft, open domes and really like the comfort, coupled with the openness (which allows a lot of natural sound through).

I’m really tired of the unreliability of these Phonaks.

Any suggestions? I do have to have “power” aids.

Thanks in advance.


try Oticon SUMO DM

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if U want to stick to Phonak
the supero could also be an option



As you know, the Phonak MicroPower is a relatively small, behind the ear device with a thin tube into the canal. When they’re working properly, they are perfectly adequate for me.

I want to stick with something with a similar size and design (and, probably) similar technology. I don’t want to go to the great big aids until it’s necessary.

Thanks for the reply.


then I wqould wait 2 weeks and get the new
Phonak aid, Naida (see my previous postings)

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This seems to be a possible solution if my problem was that the Phonak MicroPower just isn’t powerful enough. In fact, when they are working, they are great…except for the minor problem of the domes slipping out of my ears.

These new Naida’s look huge, in comparison. I suppose it’s pure vanity, but I’d rather stick with the much smaller size of the MicroPower…but something that I don’t feel will stop working every six weeks, and have to go back to the factory.

Do Phonaks have reliability issues? Since I’ve had to return one aid twice to the factory and now will have to return the other, what would you recommend? Am I just unlucky? I lead a relatively sedate life and take good care of them…I don’t understand why they are breakiing down.

Any other suggestions?



In general I would say Phonak is of good quality or one of the best quality. Phonak had been a peadiatric company and therefore their products are suppose to be sturdy enough to cope with the abuse from children…

Phonak is coming out with 2 hearing aid families quite soon,
while I have not seen the Specifics, Im sure they will be @ par with most
current wireless hearing aid technology. The supero was kinda of old and needed a much needed makeover, so It will be i guess more up to date…

Phonak had a good track record in power instruments, so im sure it should be quite good. On the other hand, Siemens had already a power instrument that is wireless- perhaps it is worth trying? Again, the details of phonak aids are still unkown but im sure it will something good

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