Want to buy: Roger X

Hi All. Looking for a Roger X receiver that has a starting serial number at least 1744 or higher. Let me know if you have one. The serial number is important because serial numbers higher than 1744 can be used with the Phonak Marvel RogerDirect solution.

Check eBay. You can always email the seller and ask for the serial number.

Yep. Have a few messages out to sellers on there. So far none above 1744.

Mentioned on another post that Hearing Direct has them for $419. Don’t know about serial numbers.

I took a look at eBay after your Roger discussion in the 2.0 thread. The Roger X receivers are shown as 02 and 03. Do you know which is the desirable receiver other than the serial number?

I am pretty sure both work. 02 is the default in Target 6.1, but an “alternative” is 03.

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Phonak has two variants of most Roger receivers, 03 which is for adult products only and 02 which is for both educational and adult Roger products.

An example of an adult Roger product is the Roger Select or Roger pen, an example of an educational Roger product is the touchscreen mic or pass around mic.

It is possible to install both types of receivers in a Marvel device via Roger installer.
Having the 02 style does give more flexibility but it may not be of use to you.

I’ve personally loved having 02 receivers as the EasyGain function in the 02 receivers is a game changer for me, even tho I’m in my 30s.

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How do you use the EasyGain function? Do you have a Roger touchscreen remote?

Yes I borrowed a friends Touchscreen and raised the EasyGain. I use the Select which doesn’t have that feature.

how can we check the serial number of Roger X 03?
does the serial number printed on the Roger X 03?
thanks to all!!

Yes you’ll easily be able to see the serial number.