Want a small Bluetooth phone headset


I have behind-the-ear hearing aids. I’m looking for a Bluetooth headset to wear in the car to pair with my mobile phone for conversations. I would like a small one that fits onto one ear. All I have found have ear buds that would be blocked from going inside the ear by my hearing aids. Yes, I’ve seen the ones that have one on-the-ear headphone and a band that goes over your head to hold it on.


Your hearing aids do not have Bluetooth capability? If not, you have a choice…take a hearing aid out or not.


This earbud should be able to share your ear, mounting-wise, with your hearing aid


But I don’t know if its sound output will make it past your dome or earmold with enough power to drive the remaining hearing in that ear. Also, if you don’t mute your aids during a call then the BT earbud will be competing with amplified car noise coming out of the aid.


There are some that use a pad instead of a bud, and so don’t enter the ear canal. Some older Motorola headsets are like that.

I have one that is a sport style headset for both ears, the Arctic P311. It really works great. There is probably a later model out.

But, is this really going to work for you? Do you have a closed fit, or is it vented? Ear pad Bluetooth headsets may not work well with a closed fit hearing aid.

If your hearing aids have a Bluetooth device available I would recommend that. I take calls with mine in the car. It also connects to my office phone, laptops, and tablets.


I’ve been using a Plantronics - Explorer 505 Bluetooth headset for a long time. After I got my hearing aids I found that it worked just as good whether I had my hearing aids in or not. Neither piece interferes with the other, plus they sit comfortably and securely in the ear. I’ll carry it in my shirt pocket when I have no need for it. There are probably others that are similar depending on what price point you’re looking for. Just wanted to let you know what I’ve been using.


I’ve recently started using Aftershokz bone conduction bluetooth headphones. I was quite surprised at their effectiveness. They do not go in, on, or over your ears. They go just in front of your ears resting on the bone there leaving better ability to hear ambient sound and not interfering with aids. I do have to arrange my BTE aids when I put these on since they go behind the head and over the top of your ears. Once I get them arranged, it’s fine. Speech is clearer than with traditional in/on ear headphones. Bass is less, but that is a good thing for us since we typically suffer in the higher freq range so this provides a more balanced sound, IMO. Those on the other end of calls report the sound is very good.

One thing I wonder about is if this technology is safer for ear health. That is, at a given volume, since the typical sound path via the ear drum is bypassed, do the same cautions exist for sound level and hearing damage?

Here’s an amazon link:
Amazon.com: AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones, Slate Grey, (AS600SG): Books.
At the bottom are some examples of other brands with the same technology.

Bone Conduction Head Phones

That pretty much matches my experience. They are certainly a lot less expensive than medical type products, also. If they were from a hearing aid mfg they would be several times as much!