Walmart is now advertising HA's on TV

Just viewed on TV (DC area) and though I didn’t catch low price - Walmart HA’s were rechargeable. Starting soon you’re going to see cheap HA’s advertised that are pretty much junk - but many times buying public will have no clue. So in my estimation quality HA’s will be replaced soon by cheaper brands that maybe last a year or two. Maybe we even see HA’s that are throw aways? You buy and wear for x amount of months/years and then toss in trash can when they stop working. Always remember “you buy what you pay for”. So good luck Walmart shoppers.

Those are not real hearing aids, they are sound amplifiers with 4 levels.

Gotcha - though in 2020 I bet Walmart starts to market hearing aids under $200 - $250 a pop. Needless to say the buying public will get confused between sound amplifiers, cheap HA’s and state of the art HA’s.