Walmart: Amplifon Hearing Centers

FYI: I just learned there are three Walmart stores, here in Arizona, that are already selling hearing aids. They are evidently contracting with Amplifon Hearing Centers for sales and support. See I have no info on prices (they are closed for the weekend) but they have a full range of digital HAs, including open fit units with directional mics, noise and feedback rejection, etc.

However, the devil may be in the details. Stay tuned.

They have been slow to move into the hearing aid niche it seems to me for some reason.

Always check out how qualified they are. Your hearing loss is a medical condition so it should not be like going to a store and buying off the shelf

Marylyn: Yes always check on the qualifications of any practitioner…whether it be a Audiologist or a Dispenser or your Auto Mechanic. Some are excellent…and unfortunately some are not.

Your classification of all types of hearing loss as a Medical Condition implies that only a MD (ENT) is qualified to prescribe and fit hearing aids. Simply not so.

The vast majority of hard of hearing are those with age related high frequency loss.

Fitting for those people is not rocket science. In fact most practitioners simply input your audiogram into the manufacturer’s software and say, Now how does that sound? Obviously,those with disease or severe loss require a higher skill set to properly adjust.

There is an attempt by the professionals in this field to cloak their function in the mysteries and mantle of the medical profession for obvious financial reasons. It ain’t necessarily so. Ed

Well, I called one of the Walmarts, today and was extremely disappointed to learn that they are only offering Miracle Ear products. I was told that as January 2009, they were no longer working with Amplifon.

Bottom line, this is not the high volume, low cost distribution channel that some of us were hoping for. :frowning: :eek:

The volume WM will want/need may just not be there.

As a hearing professional who has moved onto our own small hearing dispenser practice AFTER working for the corporate machines, I am well qualified to say, that the WalMart stores are contracting Miracle Ear ( Amplifon) dealers to come into their stores, and have been doing so for some time now, here in Indiana for at least three years or more.
Same with Sears Hearing Aid Centers.

These are not the discounted hearing aid dealers that you would think a store like WM would contract with, but, instead, the same old song and dance.
How do I know? I worked for ME and covered a WM store shortly before I left the corporate WH ( I’ll give the translation if requested, but it sounds a LOT like more-house) due to these very types of set ups.
Yet, people are trained into thinking that they are not capable of hearing better until they spend thousands of dollars. EVEN AT A WALMART ???

I’m quite over it, and I guess I will be known as the "anti-dealer-dealer"by saying so, but wow, when does it ever end???
No wonder I went out on my own, and no wonder we sell so many items online! People are tired ( I think!) of being ripped off over and over.
Say what you will…they have LEFT the local office without help, without opportunity, and without options. What a crock.

Justify it however you like, a rip is a rip. Well, it should be interesting to now watch the justifications begin on the forum next. But frankly, I hope someone else has the cahoonies to tell the truth as well, if not , looks like I’m on my own.

I know the lingo that’s coming from the justifiers…bundle, don’t bundle. Service, no service. Paid for our time, work and help people for free.
100.00- 200.00 per hearing aid is great, when you sell hundreds. And guess what…more people are getting help!
On the higher end stuff, more can be justified, if more is required. Still…1000% is a healthy markup…think???
And yes, because I know some goof here is going to say these exact words…" I bet you don’t make 200.00 when they buy in your office!"
Guess what…wrong. Dead wrong.

Where does the heart stand in this business? I always tell my kids…what really matters, is where your heart is when you try, when you do things.

Ok, I feel better now. Thanks ! What a week !

Yes, this was exactly my impression after a very few minutes talking with the person answering the phone: High prices, low quality, no self adjusting software, total dependency on the audi.

My understanding WAS that Walmart was introducing low price, high volume operations in Canada. Does anyone know if this is really true or are they just Miracle Ear operations?

Every one that I have seen here in the US is ME/Amplifon based. I can’t imagine it being different in Canada, but who knows.

After being totally ripped on 2 sets of M/E, I hope they go broke!!!