Wall Street Made The Wrong Call On Bose Hearing Aids


I tend to agree: https://hearingmojo.com/wall-street-call-on-bose-hearing-aids


Don’t know what the rules are in Europe about exporting jobs overseas but my thought is that those OTC sellers that take advantage of cheaper labor in Asia, etc., will have a big price-competitive advantage against the BIG FIVE. How much of a premium hearing aid is actually made in Europe now vs. being assembled from less expensive parts made in Asia, etc.? I guess if HA’s could be assembled entirely by robots, etc., such would not necessarily be the case.


It’s all made in China/Malaysia anyway. Most RIC, BTE and Face-plates. ITE assembly happens in Europe or USA.

The manufacturers already make their margin on the cheaper labour costs.


I appears that the initial stock loss has almost fully recovered.