Waking up in other lands

I’m making the slow journey between “severe” and “profound”. I need some help re alarm clocks at conferences when my lovely wife can’t wake me.

Is an Apple Watch a good answer? Is there a simpler answer?

If you have an iPhone, try using the classic alarm sound. It’s loud and annoying enough it might work.

The watch has very low volume and the vibrate (on your arm) might not be enough to wake you.

If you don’t have an iPhone, you won’t be able to set up an apple watch.


We just got a Philips wake-up light. It should be waking us up by light instead of sound. The Mrs got bloody annoyed by the noise my alarm made without it waking me up.

(Still got woken up by my kids on this Monday morning, though. Don’t know whether it was before or after the wake-up light.)

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There’s always a mi band. Cheap, portable and works. Search for ‘mi band’ on this forum (your question’s been asked before).


I swear by the SonicAlert ShAkInG! alarm clock. I’ve taken it on solo trips abroad when there’s NO ONE to help wake me up on time, and baby, it’ll shake ya like a 6.0 quake!

I put mine under the pillow and it’s small enough to not disturb my sleep at all … till it grabs the entire bed in the morning and won’t stop shaking till I shut it off, LOL! There’s even a gator clip on mine to attach it to whatever you want.

I’ve had my SonicAlert since 2016, so the model here at Amazon looks different, but hopefully works the same.


I want to second 1Bluejay’s Sonic Alert alarm clock. I have the Sonic Alert SBP100 Portable Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock. I’ve had it for several years and it has never failed to wake me. I l clip it to the pillow case and insert the bed shaker into the middle of the pillow case under the pillow. I would never have heard any kind of alarm clock that uses sound or light. But that bed shaker wakes me.

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Look at Williams Sound catalog to a lot of options. Many are available at Amazon. I use my Apple Watch set on silent so it vibrates, but you risk it being low on charge at bedtime. Hotels are also required by law to provide accommodations to people with hearing loss. Usually the hotel will provide a kit with a loud alarm or one that vibrates or flashes. Also other useful devices such as a device you put on the door so you hear anyone knocking like for room service. Ask when you call for reservations, or you may be able to request on the website.

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A nice thing about the mi band is that you get about 2 weeks on a single charge

If you have an iPhone, use the radar sound with vibration. I’m a bilateral cochlear implant user, it works for me.

I have a watch like the one in the picture, I wanted capital letters so I could see from a distance. It can wake up with sound and vibration. I have too much hearing loss so vibration is my only option.
This watch can set 2 wake-up cycles, so you can have one for regular wake-ups and the other for later wake-up times.

If you are in a hotel, probably a vibrating watch or other vibrating device would be best. At that level of loss you could find yourself waking people in neighbor rooms before yourself, if using sound. I use a Watchminder3 myself daily.

Happy mi band user here, and 2 weeks of battery life here as well.

But you need to be sensitive to that buzz on the hand.

I use some other app, not default, so I could change a bunch of vibration patterns. Some long one is most effective for me to not ignore it and actually recognise as an alarm, and not notification or something else which I subconsciously ignore if I sleep longer than the night mode is set.

However I also trained my brain long time ago that alarm means get up now, no snoozing, and we talk the night before when we’re going to get up, so I mostly become conscious a few minutes/seconds before the alarm. Unless I’m extremely tired, but then bzzzz from watch manages to do its job.
Before that decision in my teens about training brain, no alarms could really wake me up if I was not in the mood for getting up which was always. :joy: Unless mum came and prod me and even ‘bite’ me (tip of the nose and such) or remove my cover - very efficient :joy: she had to come at least 3+ times

After training started, she was forbidden to come any minute earlier than we agreed to check up on me. Otherwise she’d mess up my last REM :joy:

In short, I’m firm believer in the efficiency of such training and for me watch is just a reminder and not a main tool.
But it’s irritating enough to be the main tool unless you have low sensitivity while sleeping.

As d_Wooluf wrote: Mi Band. Light, reliable, easy to config, inexpensive and two weeks battery.