Just wondering what types of volunteer work people here are into.

I do some at my church and I have been a CASA volunteer (one of the most rewarding things I have ever been involved in) for almost four years now.

Also the wife and I help with the growing number of grandkids whem need.

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As well as working, I volunteer for 4 hours a week with people with learning difficulties. I LOVE it! So rewarding!

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I would love to see what sorts of things folks are involved with. So I’m posting so I will get notifications of adds to this thread.

for me it is at our VA clinic where I do what I can to help any way I can. Lately it has mostly been helping new hearing aid users to understand the need for patience and the need to be vocal about your issues with the aids good and bad.

I volunteer at free medical clinic three times a month and volunteer on the investment and finance committee of our local land trust. I’m also involved with our local caving club and help out new members when I can.

I do all the marketing writing on a volunteer basis for a Japan-destination travel company (which, itself is based in Australia). Writing comes super easy to me, and I LOVE JAPAN! Don’t speak the language, but LOVE the culture. :slight_smile:

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I volunteer for a charity called Stagetext who supply captions for theatres, museums and other places where talks and lectures are made here in the UK. I am on their user panel, and also a Stagetext ambassador. It’s the only way I can go to a theatre, and I wanted to give something back.

I also volunteer at Chichester Cathedral Library. I’m not religious, but I love libraries.

I teach a university course for adults completing their degrees. It is paid, but my reason for doing it is service. Have also been involved with local food bank, which I encourage everyone to look into.

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